Changes/balance suggestions to raiding for 4.x

If you played unturned 3.x then you know that getting raiding gear is just a matter of picking up a dragonfang from a lucky airdrop and maybe crafting some C4 if you found some explsives. Raiding is in 3.x literally just matter of blowing into the storage room, there isnt really any planning for a raid, its just “how many bullets and C4 we got?”. So here are my suggestions on how to change it:

  1. LMGs cant damage anything above wood, in 3.x its the most cost effective technique of raiding and makes all other high cal guns like grizzly obsolete for raiding due to there rare ammo and low durablity.

  2. If you destroy a storage container with explosives its contents should be destroyed or damaged depending on whats inside it. If you wanted to get the items out safely you’ll need special equipment like a motorized saw or a special drill both of which can only effectively open safes or crates with locks and it takes a fair amount of time to open the container, depending on what its made out of.
    Edit: by drill i meant a hand drill with a tip designed to drill through metal.

  3. Make barricades be effected by gravity, pretty simple, its way too easy to just build your way onto a roof and get inside from there.

  4. More and harder to obtain raiding equipment, which is good for certain situations/base types, in 3.x your options are pretty much only explosives and high calibur guns. I honestly think that there should be more raiding items that are only good in certain scenarios and bad in others, like thermite which burns through a buildable but can only be placed on top of a roof in order for it to work, plus when it burns through it destroys anything thats below and leaves a “puddle” of hot something (depends on what the buildable was made out of) which will slow you down and burn you quickly while your standing on it. Raiding gear in general like C4 and maybe something like thermite should be very difficult to find or craft.

  5. Offline defences, that aren’t electrical sentries because those are limited by electricty (although who knows how it’ll be in 4.x since its likely to have power sources other than fuel) but traps that actually do damage without the need of electricity, for example: shotgun traps with a semi-automatic 7 shot or a cheaper 2 shot varriant which can be mounted above doorways or walls to kill any uncareful raiders (2 shot shotgun trap visualised with my mediocre blender skills):

    and drawbridges so you can have a “trench” of spikes so raiders will have to destroy them first in order to get to your walls.

The point of this post is to give some suggestions for raiding to be more difficult and to not be a reliable source of everything due to it being expensive, time consuming and risky even if the owner is offline.


you have my vote

This requires that players loot for quite a bit longer before raiding, but there’s still not much risk to raiding, as bases are still very predictable.

In 3.x most bases are predictable due to the existance of several camera glitches allowing you to see through walls and the fact that building a base takes a long time, most notably due to the amount of resources you get, plus the delay between placing down buildables. Because of the long building time most players focus on designs that are the easiest to make and the fastest. This might be changed in 4.x, the camera glitches especially.

Bain from Payday 2:F97A8492-9F06-4BB5-A9A8-22E8CD8DD969

I agree with all of these except the drill/saw thing because it’s a bit overkill at that point (imo at least). Explosives would destroy 25~50% of the items inside. But an efficient way to open the safes, idk. I just don’t feel that the saw/drill would do

Can we have the drill jam every second?

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Guys, the thermal drill. Go get it.

Good use of Noslon


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Wtf did i just watch?

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