Changing username

I wanna wonder theres a way to change your username. I’ve tried it when i went to preferences but to no avail. Is there no way to change your name? And if that’s the case is there a way to request a name change to a mod?

Yes, you may directly ask a Forum Leader and they will do it for you.

(Normally in DMs.)

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no name changes. 100% transparency.

Alright matey post your new name here (Or private message) and I can change it for you


I’ll paypal you $10 to Change GHJ’s name to JHG


I’ll paypal you $11 to change Armaros’ name to Arm A Rose


I’ll paypal you $12 to change RainOfPain125’s name to PainOfRain521


I’ll paypal

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I’ll pay you 20 dollars to change everyone on the forums name to double Bacon cheeseburger, and change their pfps to double Bacon cheeseburgers as well.

i’ll pay you a million dollars for everyone to have the same username and pfp

Make everyone anon and become 4chan

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The infamous hacker??!?!

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