Character and vehicle decals and effects

Long post inbound!

In Unturned 3.0, when you shoot a wall or another solid surface bulletholes form on it.But for whenever reason,this does not apply for characters (Players and zombies alike) and vehicles (And other things I know,but this is for another topic).As a result,there is no visual representation as to if a player and his equipment is damaged or if a vehicle (or it’s armor) has taken damage,or if it is close to being destroyed.(Apart from the smoke,which I will elaborate about in a bit)

So,let's start with characters.
  • When your character gets hurt,a decal will appear on the exact spot the hit was placed.If you get slashed by a Turned,a rash will appear on the spot you were hit,if you get shot,a bullet wound will appear on the spot the bullet landed etc.However,the decals and effects would be affected by the clothing and equipment of your character.If you get hit in bare skin,a normal decal will appear depending on the type of hit,but if the hit was placed in a part of your body covered by clothing or equipment,the decal or effect will appear on it and the gear or clothing will be visually and actually damaged.For example if you get knifed in the arm while wearing a jacket it will get a rip on the place the hit was put,if you shoot someone in the head while he is wearing a helmet,sparks will emit from it and a dent will form,while again,damaging it visually and actually,and the list goes on.(All of the above apply to the Turned too).And heck,if Nelson wants to take all of this one step further,we can have blood dripping from wounds when bleeding and clothes getting soaked in it,or high caliber or piercing rounds passing trough the body,creating 2 decals and even fragments from explosions getting stuck in people (Though this seems a bit much imo).Also,there could be a possibility of your character developing black postules on various parts of his body if he got infected.Of course,these decals will dissapear when the gear or clothing is repaired and when the player heals/cures himself.(And if by any chance we have self healing turned,the decals will dissapear on them too when they heal.)
Now,about vehicles.
  • As with characters,bulletholes,scraches and dents would form on vehicles depending on the hit (Including crashing the vehicle).The same applies to the windows.With armored vehicles such as tanks,apc’s and modified versions of other vehicles,this system would work a little differently.Example:Due to these vehicles being more resistant to damage,when another vehicle would get blown up when shot with a rocket launcher,these vehicles would still recieve damage to their armor,but a huge blast mark/dent could also be formed in the point of contact.Moreover,there would also be a chance that no visual damage is present to some of these vehicles due to their heavy armor.And as with characters,the decals would dissapear upon repair.
Now,about the smoke I said I would elaborate on earlier.

A reason I am making this suggestion is because I would like another way of saying whether a player and his equipment or a vehicle is damaged apart from some bars and/or precentages.And about vehicles specifically,the smoke is a great measure,but I believe some more variety wouldn’t be dentrimental.

Ok F1,but how exactly does this affect gameplay?

With this system,you can easily say from a distance if a player is hurt and needs medical attention (or if he is easy prey :smiling_imp:).Furthermore,it can act as an indicator of what external parts of a vehicle need to be repaired/replaced (Though this statement is lacking because it is unknown if 4.0 is going to feature sectioned repairs,but here I’m assuming this is the case).

Thoughts? (And sorry for the wall of text btw)


I think this is a detail that could be interesting, but I imagine it might be a bit much.

It would probably look weird to have a decal on the player, as well as being a detail that at long distance no one would see.
So, as good as this is, I think it might not apply to the player and turned, but I would like to see it in vehicles.
I also think that instead of seeing a small status showing the health of the vehicle, when we hover over it, it would be interesting to show the heath of vehicle through the decals (possible wrinkles, scratches and so on).

I’m sorry to be resurrecting a post from 9 days ago, I would love to have seen it before, but the school has taken a lot of my time, and I stopped reading the forum a bit.


Visual damage on vehicles and items has already been suggested and confirmed.(this was long ago though so I don’t blame you for not finding it)

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there could be an injured animation (slightly hunched), maybe with some sort of texture change for broken legs, or when close to dying, but i don’t see a reason for having a decal for exactly where you were shot. for instance you got shot in the face it would probably just look really dumb. the vehicles thing is good though

Now with you talking that way reminded me of minecraft where the scabs can for example get stuck in the character’s eye.
It’s very strange :sweat_smile:

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