Character color

The character’s current color is yellow, most likely with the release of the game will have options to change the color of the character as in 3.0, however it is so long that we see the color yellow that I really can not imagine the character of another color, which you prefer?

  • Yellow color character
  • Other color character

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I hope not to be accused of Racis you know the rest, we are all equal that topic is just a healthy discussion.

How about Peach, Brown, and Black also?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I Honestly Dont Care

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Yes I think. @Zervlux

O im not calling you a racist or anything jsut saying how bout those colors also :slight_smile:

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I was not referring to you, I was just worried about someone thinking that I am in my country people are very “sensitive” about it,so sorry.@Zervlux

what about something like this where its just a grid and you can pick which one you want


The yellow character is a clasic unturned nelson character, I think other colors it’s neccesary, making it rgb just like unturned 3.0 work is perfect IMO


The skin colour we have right now is simply the dev’s colour preference for our test character. It doesn’t really indicate it’s the official designated skin colour of the player

Heck, it is likely that it will be a dev-only skin colour if he plays the game


Nelson hoodie II?

bruh i’m all about getting Nelson’s skin

I wonder if Nelson’s got some merch

no he doesn’t (not yet c:)

If the game gets popular(which I think it’s gonna be). Merchandise will be definitely a thing.

Same, but in a not gay way

He said in an interview that he is either gonna do only yellow or yellow and then some normal options. Personally I am on the side of yellow only.

Hm that’s rather interesting.

I’m in for either

image the only reason i don’t want it to be yellow only


minecraft damage noise

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