Character customization

I know this is sorta late but a whole lot of people really wanted differences between male and female player models, so here’s some ideas, even if a little late.

  1. Player models
  • 3 player models, male, genderless, and female.
  • possibly less masculine or feminine player models which would up the player models to 5.
  1. More face customization.
  • option to have different eyes with different faces.
    -glowing eyes could have the color changed
  • the eyes could be 2 different colors like say one red and the other blue.
  1. The problems with this.
    -models hitboxes would have to fit the model, resulting in more work. But if all models use the same hotbox this should be fine as people wouldn’t use one model for say a smaller hotbox.
    -cosmetics would have to possibly have different variations for m/f models.
    -would make the “cough cough CRINGY cough cough” kids much worse.
  2. good things about this,.
    -would allow more character customization.
    -wouldnt need to depend only on hair for gender identification as hair is hidden under hats.
    Tell me what you think!
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Did you consider how weird it would look on the playermodel? Seriously, take a second to imagine an Unturned face but with blue eyes.


Yeah I know xd but I think having them as glowing and having the option to not have them would work out.

Wait wait wait. So you want the ability to have eye colors but at the same time want it so you can disable that? AAAA, Make up your mind!

You know about the glowing eyes in 3.0 right? I’m talking about those but colorable.

Great, because more glow in the dark eyes are just what we need

Lol. Man for once I was hoping people would like my posts xd

5 playermodels total is a bit much. Even 3 is one too many. I’d say limit it to Male/Female. That’s already enough of a base to please most players.

Well some people like the genderless models xd

Never forget the mutant toad



Oh plz no. Also just want to point out, here comes the wave of comments telling me how terrible this is xd

There’s two ways to do this without turning the playermodel system into a clusterfuck of textures and items not fitting well and instead needing more files and models.

  1. Genderless. Make Gendered options toggelable like how hair and eyes are in 3.0

  2. Two Genders. Simple and covers 99.99% of all players.

What’s the .01%?

People who think they’re too cool to conform to one of two genders.

Oh xd sounds like weird people xd.

No, just super edgy kiddos like you


OOF. Now m8 I’m not edgy. I’m an idiot, that’s what I am xd

What the …?

Current model Nelson has on? I dunno.

What a great post! So I have some thoughts and suggestions on this,

Overall I think this can be a cool idea. Instead of genderless though, how about a more meaningful class called ‘Adolescent’. So that the choices would look like:

Male Adolescent

Believe it or not gender identity is pretty primal. Considering the content of the game I think those options are appropriate. I mean, PvP would just get awkward if there were a bunch of ‘child’ models runniing about killing folks. Cataclysms tend to kill off the very young and old anyway so those choices fit the context of the game as well.

What I would avoid at all costs is trying to add any hint of sexuality. to the game (which may be the elephant in the room with all these negative posts). LGBT, androgeny, other…should be well outside the scope of Unturned. While I am comfortable with topic, Unturned has a fan base with a wide age group, some of which are a little young to deal with this topic. Besides, crossing your own wires by mixing sexuality into a game showcasing reanimated corpses is a little Goth (or whatever it’s called these days) and a recipe for starting folks down the path to abomination (i.e. necrophylia). Do not go that way…it leads to the dark side!