Character feature!

for 4.X we see that the smile of the caracters are curve(not a bunch of pixels) so why would we not be able to draw our personalized caracter face(a custom face) for gold users by example?


I don’t think that’s the case, Nelson just upgraded from raster graphics to vector graphics which are much more smooth, and drawing faces on could be interesting but I don’t really think its needed.


Yeah custom faces are a good idea until twelve year olds discover they can make the nose pixeled to look like a peener and equip that as a ‘face’


i said gold feature so a lot 12 years old players wouldn’t use the feature

A lot of ‘‘12 years old’’ have the Gold DLC

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[10 char]

Penis faces incoming…
not to mention the Nazi w symbol and drawings of turds

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XD (what about smiley like XD? or memes! memes everywhere!)

I guess you don’t know what 12 year olds are, then

Because deprived 12 year old will put up any sexual content as long as they’re still breathing

but it could be a BAN reason(but for single player no problem)

Exactly HOW are you gonna ban the kid?
Battleye can’t detect penis faces.
And when reported, the person can change the steam name and the Unturned name. Or just change the face until the admin leaves.
Not to mention that there can’t be mods on every server

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BattlEye is an anti-cheat.

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maybe a vote to say if this face is for the player a penis the steam ID will be banned!(so new steam account and new unturned status to reconnect the server)

My point exactly

Dumb idea tbh, just let the admin of the server deal with the person.

Seems too difficult for something that can be loopholed easily

Let’s just nip it in the bud and say “no free drawing on faces”

yes but a “penis” data base can be used to make the ban “good”(and if the players say that it’s not a penis face the face will be delete) the batle eye will make a comparison bettween a “penis” data bas eand the face!

Do you know what BattlEye is ?

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a anti cheat admin bot

BattleEye will only trigger if there is an extra program affecting the codes of the game it’s protecting.
If anything is interrupting the coding system and affecting the game, Battleye will detect the ID and ban it