Character Skillsets: Something I'd like to see in 4.x

I think it would be cool if skillsets meant something more and affected gameplay in a way that encourages coop play more. Here’s one way it could be done:


  • Starts with fire clothes, axe, and wrench
    Unique skills:
  • Can use wrench to open fire hydrants
  • Can use fire hoses found at fire stations to fend off zombies when attached to fire hydrant (needs wrench). Skill drains stamina so it lasts longer as you boost cardio.
  • Can break through normally un-breakable structures with axe. Skill gets buffed with strength


  • Starts with police clothes, cobra + 1 full clip, and baton
    Unique skillsets:
  • Doesn’t bleed when using baton (perp restaint trainng, can keep from getting bitten when using baton). Toughness reduces damage taken when baton is equipped.
  • Can make zombies permanently slow down when using cobra or drop stuff when using cobra (police firearm training).
  • Can use police riot gear found at police stations to fight (and push back?) zombies while taking reduced damage. Modifier can start at 0 when riot gear is at 100%, increases to 1 when gear is at 0%. Exercise improves modifier for higher gear degradation (instead of providing no protection when gear at 0% it provides increasingly as skill goes up).


  • Starts with doc clothes, bone saw, some dressings and some antibiotics
    Unique skillsets:
  • Can use a defribulator found in hospitals for a chance (starts at 10% but goes up with healing skill) to resusitate dead players. This would require a dead player’s body to remain on the map for a minute or so before despawning or turning.
  • Can use surgeons bag found at hospitals to heal other players at a rate (#xp / second). This ability cannot be used on himself. At first doc can heal health only, but as immunity skill is increased he heals immunity increasingly (at first 0%, then X%, so on). Surgeon’s bag degrades but can be repaired through a crafting recipe.
  • Can use bone saw a a weapon but also to stop infection from killing. Immunity for player being ‘helped’ goes up to 50% but takes away 50%-75% health potentially killing player (oh yeah, zombie movies go there, amputations should only be attempted by trained professionals-don’t try this at home).

Should I go on? Does anyone want to take a crack at other characters (sniper? chef?)? I was thinking that charcters start with an item or two that gives only their character class some kind of boost or ability, and item or two that spawns that only their charcter class can use, and an increasing buff for their character specific skill bossts (immunity and healing for the doc for example). I wanted to make character class mean something in a way that improves team dynamics in dealing with the environment.



Starting with a gun seems op and some of the skills a “police” seem to good, so good everyone would use it. The fireman seemed good and pretty balanced. Also, I don’t know if skillsets will be similar to 3. There might not even be skillsets in 4.


Well, possibly. police might be popular at first. However, in reality in PVE, just starting out, a gun and a clip, unsilenced, is no huge advantage. U get swamped and are not fast enough to get away, that’s why the bullets slow the zombies down. Additionally, before u have the skills and gear to repair the gun you will be out of ammo or at 0% on the gun if you go shooting up the place. If ammo is gonna be even more rare…well that gun is what gives the p olice man a fighting chance if he uses it sparingly. In 3.0 me and the girls have learned the quickest way to kill a noob is give them an unsilenced gun.

Considering that danger it seems reasonable a police would have one at the bgeinning of the zombie apocalypse. As for skillsets being or not being in 4.0, who cares? This is a dimension I would like to see. Just a suggestion that I think would be cool. Nelson can do with it what he pleases.

I think skill sets should just be removed - they’re very unfitting, and are usually just abused because they let you spawn with themed clothing in certain 3.0 servers.

Knowing that the skill system is going to work completely different, there’s also just too much to assume before making a skill related 4.0 suggestion.


Is there a topic on this somewhere about how the skillsets are going to be redone? I’m with you on 3.0 skillsets. They are not that great really. The whole system should be overhauled in a away that adds depth to the game.

Use the search function :wink:

Yeah. So there are some other threads on how folks would like to see skillsets improved. In different ways but similar to this thread. I get it though. You don’t like skillsets. I do (it’s just under-utlized in 3.0). I think they can be a cool way of adding complexity and shaping gameplay with team dynamics unturned. Some folks might want to face the zombie apocalypse as a medic. Skillsets should give that player a unique way of contributing to his team and dealing with the challenges of the game. Some folks might want to be Rick Grimes. Amen to that! What makes Rick Grimes so special? Skillsets.

I believe that it is not skillsets that defines a player, but their playstyle. That’s how it has been in every other game I’ve ever played, and I’m not putting off Unturned but rather using that as a point for potential improvement.

I feel like skillsets are a bit if a limitation in that regard.

I don’t want there to be skills or even skillsets.

I know this is the same method Rust uses but I would LOVE a blueprint system in Unturned. (Although this probably won’t be added)

Why not! I think blueprints are a kewl idea. Start a blueprints thread and I will participate with gusto :slight_smile:

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I didn’t mean to take the wind out of your sails, bro. How would you balance the police man?

Already made a post quite like this back in December.

If you mean this one then I did see it after great hero suggested I do a search. Yours was more about inherent abilities though, and doing away with skillsets as opposed to revamping skillsets to give the characters more contribution to a team (like a medic, a tank, a damage dealer, etc.) in a way that you grow your character from early to late game.

Also, your thread was definately PvP aimed, as in the skillsets gave you power over other players. This hread is definately more PvE and coopartive team related against the zombiews and environment. You see any other similarities?

Dunno (10 L.A.S.E.R limit)

Try ‘‘I don’t know’’ next time.

I respectfully decline (instead of no)

I’m okay with the idea of skill sets, but on three conditions:

  • They have to work well with, and be balanced in whatever skill system is in the game. (3.X failed at this, IMHO)
  • The clothing they provide should be of roughly equal quality and quantity, maybe just being different patterns of the same item.
  • Any tools they provide should be of limited utility, and should also be available through other means.

Me to. I think I’ll add more tomorrow.

Doesn’t exactly take a SWAT member to pick up a piece of metal and hit/hold it at arms length while looking at zombies. Kinda seems generally overpowered. All of these seem generally weird to me. It’s like… why would you use a firehouse to fend off zombies when you could, y’know, leave? AED devices also have the instructions written on them (well, at least at my school). Again, I dont really like this idea. It could probably be done if there were buffs and drawbacks for each profession instead of just spawning with their clothes.

Also stealth ninja edit also kinda sidetrack: Firefighter helmets are actually super heavy. Like, surprisingly heavy. Also my local fire department has an engine with a skeleton in the backseat named Colonel Bones, and he’s got one of those dispatcher headsets. You gotta love Florida.


What the fuck man