Chat Block/Mute Options

On the Trello, you mention having whispers. I was wondering if you had thought about blocking. For instance, you may not want to have someone spam you with whispers, but you might want to see what they are doing in world chat. I think there should be two options, “Mute Whispers” which is in the name, and “Block Messages”, which blocks all messages in world chat, group chat, area chat, and whispers.


Good suggestion (but there might already be that option i have really looked)… Though this belongs in Site Suggestions

I was referring to Unturned 4.0

Being able to block and mute people in an online multiplayer game is definitely something that should be implemented in 4.0 and maybe 3.0 too, as it would help protect people from flaming should a player be targeting them in chat. It can also be potentially made to have a /mute command on servers which would let them remain on the server but be unable to chat with players unless they initiate the conversation with a private message.

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I think we should be able to make the chat bigger or smaller as well as mute the chat all in all.

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