Maybe… but this is a zombie apocalypse survival game, I do not see a place for chemistry in one of those, pretty unrealistic imo.

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Beyond the fact that basically everything is technically chemicals, chemical are used in preparing, producing, and/or preserving woods, foods, metals, textiles, leather, petrol products, fertilizers, explosives, batteries, medicines, and chemical weapons. I’m not saying that chemistry should be required for all of these products, but there definitely could be uses for chemicals in a long term survival situation.


An idea I suddenly thought of was tranquilizers, which when smeared onto an arrow, bolt, or dart, could down an animal after a minute or two, and could also cause negative effects for a player, such as decreased movement speed, a nausea effect similar to being drunk.

Why not “suddenly turned into ragdoll” for 3-5 seconds?

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This isn’t TABS, and going from an entity-to-ragdoll state and back would be very demanding of Nelson’s coding skills

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The other thing is that a tranquilizer than can drop a wildebeest or elephant in a matter of minutes would probably prove fatal to a person.
Which is why I went for a much milder option so players can’t just shoot each other with arrows and have a guarenteed kill no matter where they hit.

People have always said that Tranquilizers would be a really annoying mechanic.

Well, in Metal Gear Online 3, they made non-lethal takedowns via tranq rounds a mechanic, and let me tell you it’s one of the single most infuriating things I’ve had to misfortune to go against. In that game, headshots usually kill you in a single shot or multiple in the body. When you die, you can respawn almost instantly. Tranq rounds follow the same philosophy, but not the respawn part: when you get hit in the body, your eyelids gradually close as you get pumped up with more tranquilizer rounds, effectively ruining your field of view more than the bloody effect of being shot. When your eyelids do finally close, you collapse, which also happens after being strangled by other players. The point of non-lethal takedowns is to “capture” the enemy, sending them back to the respawn screen, but when the enemy gets killed or leaves you there, you’re left on the ground not being able to do anything other than mashing buttons trying to wake back up. This entire experience of not being simply stunned but completely not being able to do anything at all before an annoyingly long time is the single worst game mechanic, and imagine that this is the most balanced way it could be done.

In MGO3, dying is not a big deal. Being stripped of the ability is infuriating. Now imagine how aweful this would be in Unturned, where dying is already a huge annoyance.

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