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I’m the most active member on this forum, I think you can all agree on that.

Anyways my Idea is that Unturned 4 should take a more cinematic approach, if not already planned. There should be an option to toggle “Cinematic Mode” which would oversimplify the HUD, only giving a red border when low on health, and effects for when you are hungry/thirsty, such as your stomach rumbling.

Now, this would serve a purpose in a wide variety of situations, especially for content creators (UNTURNED: THE MOVIE here i come). I’m doubting myself because Unturned 4 is not gonna be focused on RP at all, but it kind of does take on the “RP” feel, as we hope it’ll be a bit like 2.0, which felt like an actual apocalypse RP… even though it wasn’t designed to be? (I have no idea wat im trying to say i hope you get me)

Yea thats pretty much all. And also add these please, i wanna make an action movie:
Ability to hang from ropes and shoot, either attached to a helicopter or a wall/ceiling.
Ability to have hanging ladders from helicopters or throw ropes to your teammates from a boulder face.
Ability to have charges you can set on a timer.
Ability to have a radio station system that can be changed without cringily going to your inventory.


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You’re not the most active user on the forum. I looked.


That isn’t relevant, nor is it correct by a long shot.

And tbh, I disagree with the purpose of most of these additions. We don’t need the ability to hang from a rope dangling off of a helicopter in a zombie survival game.


I’m the most active member on this forum, I think you can all agree on that.

I’ve literally never seen you before.

Anyway adding things that take away from Unturned’s purpose (i.e. a zombie survival game) simply because it would make things better for people who play the game differently than intended generally detracts from the value of the game and why 3.x became a “PvP [Kits/TPA/Home/Airdops]” shitshow for the most part. Besides, I don’t really feel like these things are necessary.

Also, if you’re reasoning is that it would “make it easier for content creators” or just that it serves them specifically, you’re trying to get something added to a game that only really benefits a very small margin of the player base, which just doesn’t make sense.

The way you describe a “cinematic mode” I disagree with.

  1. Sound effects should not just exist when in a “cinematic mode.” If stomachs were to rumble, they should always do so (client-side only is fine though). If that sound effect of sorts isn’t added to the “normal modes” then I don’t see why a mode should be added just for that. Worst case scenario, you get a mod that triggers sounds at certain values or you get videos manually edited with those effects.

  2. “Oversimplifying the HUD” sounds like it’d be pretty “meh” for a cinematic mode when you could just disable the HUD. Hopefully, UI skins should (far more easily) be a thing and if so that should satisfy any desire you have for an intermediate.

Unturned: The Movie wouldn’t benefit from that. Having a clean base to edit from a lot nicer, and I’d prefer just not using a HUD than use one that restricts the ways you can edit your piece. I also don’t get your follow-up point, because I never really considered Classic to be RP-heavy. Unturned 3 has more roleplay servers and mechanics in my opinion.

The rest of the suggestions are kinda “eh” due to the reasoning for you suggesting them, so I’m just going to broaden them up a bit so I can provide actual input.

  1. Parented offset movement is a yes. Assuming everything goes swell, this would include having ladders and such on vehicles you could climb.

  2. Throwing any item (as a drop mechanic, not a fight mechanic) was considered in the past during early 4 development, but is far back on the backlog right now.

  3. Charges on a timer aren’t that unlikely, to be fair, though if you wanted them for a “cinematic purpose” then being able to detonate them whenever you wanted would make more sense.

  4. I agree that the current radio system of Unturned 3 is pitiful in comparison to Nelson’s original concept of its addition.

I was hoping this post was going to just suggest smooth panning. That would be nice addition. Not really a gameplay-focused addition at all, but still a nice option to have.

PS: I’m ignoring the lead-in because I’m assuming it was most likely a joke as to how infrequent you drop-in. It wasn’t well-received if so because I don’t think people know you enough in the community elsewhere to laugh about that.

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I think he meant throwing ropes as a way of deploying a method for climbing.

That’s fine and all, but

the last batch of suggestions I wasn’t that interested in replying to under the context of “cinematic ideas.” My alternative reply to that section could’ve been about ziplines and stuff, which is fine and all too.

Heh. I believe you but that must mean Molton is the least active user.


It’s damn sarcasm, I havent been on here for about 3 months.

We couldn’t hear your sarcastic tone, so you could have been clearer by saying /s or the like

Yea welp probs should delete this now, I only got raided by trigggered forum members

Well, I think that would have hurt you a lot less if you made it obvious it was sarcasm.
You know how it is on any forum.

Well I do like the idea of using weapons on while climbing, with the same disadvantages as dual wielding ofc, and of climbables that can be extended downward, but there was a flood of replies before I got to addressing those.

id been joking back btw xd

“I’m the most active member on this form”

doesn’t have regular role

Also, since when was opening the inventory cringey?

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