Collecting Map parts

A simple idea but what if instead of finding whole maps you found pieces of maps that hap to be put together to complete the map, also i think that some more distance between areas would be cool, prehaps have it so travling between towns is something that takes more time, and you would may have to camp out as some distances could be really far.


Unturned is not about exploration. Maybe for some it is. In my personal opinion i don’t like traveling to find these locations.

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I see this only working for large maps, but beyond that, I like the mystery that this could bring.


Would it be too soon btw if i posted another idea seperate to this.

You can edit the post if you need to, there is no set limit on how many posts you can make within a short period of time.

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I don’t know why on earth a map would be fragmented like this.

Realistically it’d be ridiculously easy to find some sort of tourist brochure or chart or something whole, and there’s tons of them around. I see this suggestion as nothing more than an unnecessary hassle, even for larger maps.

The only reason I could see this being implemented is if the map in question is a special survivor-made variant that’s marked with various extra hints and information.


So, where’s the logic behind this? Some dude just decides to keep a torn fragment of a map of the area in his house? That’s kinda weird.

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