[COMPLETED] Get this post a 100 replies so we can get the "Reader badge"


This post shall never die ! Here lies our great contribution to the great Unturned community ! (well after all we are all crazy here)


Yes maybe we are crazy but maybe this is all a dream where the only way out is getting this post to 1000 replies


y’all have the big gay


no u rio boi


no u

at least rio is big good


This is actually the sdg forums equivalent of the steam forums “Unturned Logic” thread.


Why this even in memes?


(10 characters oof)


Love, save us once
We’ll fall where we crawled
Love, save us once
Beware what youyou want

Trust us now
It’s time to let mego go
Give up on us
Follow what you want
Trust us now
It’s time to let me go.
Give up
Give our souls awaaaaaaaay!

m4X P4yN3


Because it really doesn’t and shouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s been alive this long because I thought I should let you kids have your fun. :smirk:


Reaver was it you that changed it to get this post to 1000 replies? Because when I made the post it was 100 xD


Nah, wasn’t me. lol


I’ll do you a favor and change it back if you wish

Edit: oh wait you can do that yourself too


Just random 456uythfghhggg


It’s big goal


it was 100 but then an admin changed to 1000




I wonder if this is possible


Wee woo wee woo complete


This will take quite sometime
I wonder if i could write my story on here