[COMPLETED] Get this post a 100 replies so we can get the "Reader badge"


Are we gonna go all the way there?


Yes yes we are


Welp I hope we reign the highest ranked topic on all of this forum for years to come


I shall defend this topic from the haters that say we cheated the badge


Yes @Vulby This was a community project!


I honestly cannot believe how many replies this post has, its actually kind of impressive.


Most of it is spam anyways.


Eh, its still kinda cool.


I dont see what is the utility of this but ok …


We need more replies! MORE!


Hahahahha MORREE


I just noticed I never got the badge Nelson pls


What steps did you take?


What do you mean by steps


To get the reader badge


well I commented, and then I just started waiting until it hit 100 replies xd


:smiley: thats not how it works


hey i think im pretty late for this challenge XD


Gonna be releasing a survival game like Rust and Unturned soon gonna release the early access keys on the Discord server: https://discord.gg/vJ9c7YW


nononononon and yes its a fucking sentence