OK i think computer should be a thing because maybe you can save your game or you can know more about unturned or you can communicate with other player if the server is on vanilla etc.So how does it work well it easy it just work and you can communicate with other and the only way to do that is to get on craft one or just some how get it now you can find em in police station and other stuff why well it easy police station have computer and other technicians devices in there.There are more stuff in other places but we need a computer because we might know how to turn on the power with out using the generator or we learn the backstory of the game or we learn how does the ship and other stuff work.We need this because if is at good use we can learn about zombie weak point or if y’all are newcomer you can learn how the game work and stuff.And to craft we need all the computer like. MotherBoard and etc am not computer expert but i think this should be a thing why cuz this is a real thing maybe you can communicate with npc and stuff it depend so what do you thing people.

I’ve said this before, but you really should work on punctuation and formatting. The post is hard to read and the idea isn’t that good in the first place.


Please let not go with raieus remember what happen he said to just put the option in the reply and stop talking about about spelling i will report the comment ok so be quiet and stop with your criticism crap because whoever does criticism has no life.

I feel like reporting comments you dislike is abuse of the report system, and would go against the established morals in the rules. Criticism is natural. Things will always be criticized, and if criticism does not exist then that is bad because the topic is missing out on a great opportunity to be improved upon.

You asked for people’s opinions, so it’s only natural for them to be given.

If someone cannot take (constructive) criticism, then I feel that they do not care about their suggestion/topic. I believe that to be showing a lack of passion in their ideas, even if that was not their intent.

If only one or two people can properly understand your posts, then there is a problem. If people cannot understand your post, how are they supposed to say they like it? They cannot know what is in it, so they have to go based on what they can read. It is important for posts to be understandable for it to properly convey a message to other community members, which includes Nelson.

For people who are having difficulties reading:

The suggestion is for a “Computer” to be added to the game. The Computer could possible allow for saving the game, being an in-game wiki of sorts, or a communication device (like the Walkie Talkie).

How does it work? Well, it’s easy! It just works.

You can craft them, or just “somehow get it” from police stations and other stuff.

Why? Well, that’s easy! Police stations have computers and other technical devices in there. Although other locations may have more/better loot, there are some possible reasons why we could need a computer:

  • Learn how to turn the power back on to the map without using any generators.
  • Learn more about the storyline.
  • Learn “how does the ship and other stuff work.”
  • Learn about zombie weak points.
  • Learn game mechanics.

When crafting it, you need all the computer parts for a real computer. For example: the motherboard. However, I “am not computer expert.”

This should be a thing. Why? Because “this is a real thing maybe you can communicate” with NPCs and stuff, it would depend.

So what do you think people?

I have to disapprove with the suggestion based on three major things.

  1. Walkie Talkies and Earpieces exist.

  2. There are a lot of things that defy science and logic in this game, but I feel this is a bit overboard. The internet would be gone in an apocalypse, same with power grids. Information is stored on a physical server, so the internet would last as long as there are people to maintain the servers and the nodes that are used to transport the information from you to the sites and vice versa. In a zombie apocalypse, we do not have that luxury. The internet is quite dead, which means you will not have access to any websites providing information, and communication via desktop computer setup would be unlikely. The most I see out of it is functioning like a Metal Library, but it runs off a generator. Maybe experience storages are buffed to show all the loading screen tips, or a Computer is a new context type that is a Stereo–Library–Earpiece–GPS hybrid, but beyond that I am not too sure where to take the idea. Maybe it could catalog any of the storyline notes you read.

  3. Someone created an article on the wiki listing the locations of all the computer objects on maps, because pages about other objects (gas pumps and wells were examples listed, I believe?) were on the wiki already. I am absolutely traumatized, and this is a severe trigger for me. I refuse to relapse because of actual computers.


I don’t mind if it’s some fancy electronic note that shows a document or only emits light, but seriously everything else is either already existed from another thing or just another silly idea like your previous ones.

You CANNOT learn anything useful from the computer, that’s pre-apocalyptic stuff which is useless and doesn’t document on zombies. As said, the only thing that makes more sense is some lore notes/documents from pre-apocalypse or a strange source of light.



I’m going to need to agree and say that this suggestion has no use in 3.0.

Also please don’t report comments as a bootleg ‘dislike’ button. It just makes you seem like an ass and also is a false report. These forums were made for criticising ideas and getting suggestions to a standard where most of the hardcore players here could agree on it being implemented, and then off to Nelson.

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