I was wondering if there’s really more options (or commands) to mess around with this file.

No. Not those “Zombie_Spawn_chances” or all that
entities related commands. I’m talking rainbows “Thanks” “Has_atmosphere” “Gravity” “Collaborators” “Creators” and all that jazz.

I know the umbrella’s “gravity” code can be edited, making you fly instead of fall gently.

I’ve done my best to organize them for you.


I believe that some of these will have differents ways to customized (or modified) them.

I guess I’ve to figure that out later. Thanks anyhow.

  • Most of these are true/false inputs. Any input that isn’t a number and isn’t true/false should be in quotation marks. A comma should follow the end of every parameter except the very last one.

  • Trains, Mode_Config_Override, and Arena_Loadouts are relatively self-explanatory if you look at an example (and Gameplay Config for Mode_Config_Override) for their sub-inputs.

  • Gravity is a numerical input.

  • Status is a textual input (ie: NONE or NEW).

  • Feedback is a link.

  • Creators and Thanks should be self-explanatory if you see an example.

  • Item is a numerical input that corresponds to its Stockpile purchasable.

  • Category is the tab it goes in (ie: Curated, Official, etc.)

  • CuratedMapMode refers to its type of curation (ie: PERMANENT or TIMED).

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