Coniferous trees in unturned should not change color

So in Panda test of unturned II vehicle demo , we can see the coniferous trees changing color during the seasons, I am concerned to see coniferous trees orange at automn, so ether Nelson had a 0/20 in biology or there is a bug.
Thanks for reading .

You realize that nobody here knows anything about trees and color changing during seasons right? its just a fact by knowledge that that happens. Winter is white, Spring is normal and maybe sometimes damp, Summer is also normal, Autumn is Orange. We’ve known this in cartoons and school pictures.


you do realise its just to show how trees will change during seasons, right? They wont be that way in the full game.


Maybe they’re larches?
Even if they’re not supposed to be some sort of deciduous conifer, it would still make sense for their to be some color change because of the changing weather, (like turning white when it snows)


It’s neither. This was intentionally done for this specific build to test the framework for a season system.

They won’t be changing colors like this in the full game, obviously. Oblivious sarcasm like this really rubs me the wrong way tbh


Oh ok didn’t knew that .

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