Connecting to my own server

So, i just basically cannoct connect my unturned server. I think everything is setted up right. I made it on my VPS with Linux (ubuntu) . Hosting which im using didn’t closed any port by default ( previously i created servers for Arma3, minecraft, csgo etc… and there was no need to port forward ). When i try to connect to server, i got “Cannoct find server” message. No errors on console are shown except this one :

ERROR: Shader Hidden/Nature/Terrain/Utilities shader is not supported on this GPU (none of subshaders/fallbacks are suitable)

But even after this error server starts normally, map is sucesfully loaded and i can execute commands

Not sure if that means anything, but i even got message “Steam servers ready!”

I didn’t did any server configuartion except changing map to washington…

EDIT: I find out weird thing. I checked do unturnedservers site see my server … and it is. But i still cant connect server via direct connect

EDIT2: Now i checked console once again, find out there was some amount of players which just join my server and was playing on it. I still can’t connect! I didn’t have that kind of problem with any game server till now…

Have you tried connecting through the server browser or only direct connect? I’d assume that you put in the address wrong if you’ve only tried connecting directly.

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