Consoles and Debugging

I think a debugging console should be added to the game. I’m thinking of the one that any game made with Valve Source has. This would be useful for server administration as well as (possibly) performance improvement.

How this would work is that the player can toggle what is shown on the screen, ranging from connection status to client-based problems. They would also be able to input commands. In addition, this would also keep your chat clean, only leaving it for player messages.

Here’s an example of me giving myself an imaginary item.


Codian: give 132

Codian Issued Command: /give 132

Given Dragonfang (1) to Codian

Debugging tools:

Connection Problem! - Running (8667) Ticks Behind.

Player (Codian) disconnected from the server. (Banned by Dfanglover420)



Sure, would be useful. It’s on Trello too (’- visual tool for remotely monitoring and controlling server’).

but anyways

/give 132


nonononononono, if it’s a source-esque console then it’s

sv_cheats 1

and then

give weapon_dragonfang


sv_cheats 1
and then you do

for someone whose name is “NeedlessMemeing” you sure don’t know your memes


Ouch. That hurt.


/give Codian 132
/give Codian 132 2 (gives 2 dragonfangs)
/give Codian 132 50% (gives and 50% damaged dragonfang)

/health Codian 50 (gives 50 health to Codian)
/thirst Codian 50 (gives 50 less thirst to Codian)
/hunger Codian 50 (gives 50 less hunger to Codian)
/rad Codian 50 (same as health but with radiation)

/Health off (player gets infinite life, only for singleplayer and needs to be turned on in the menu)
/thirst off
/hunger off
/rad off
/oxygen off
/energy off

and more

Connection Problem 1: Server Closed, going to main menu in 30 seconds…

Connection Problem 2: Lost connection to host. going to main menu in 30 seconds…

A meme from Half-Life / Garry’s mod ?
With the revolver ?

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