Constant 40-50 FPS on large maps despite decent hardware

GTX 1050 Ti
R5 2600 (@ 3.7 Ghz)
Running on an SSD
2x8GB 2.9Ghz ram
High Settings @ 1080p
Latest GPU Drivers (442.19)
Recent AMD Chipset Drivers (unsure which version, was installed around Q3 2019)

Recently decided to reinstall Unturned (to play semi-ironically with a friend who’s new to the game)

I have task manager open on a secondary display, it always stays around 40-60% GPU usage and only producing 40-50 fps on large maps (singleplayer, 40 fps on Germany, 50 on Russia, 40 fps Russia multiplayer w/ 5 players)
On other games, my GPU is at 90%-100% to get the most power out of it, yet Unturned doesn’t fully utilize my GPU.
The strangest part of all of this is that when i turned my settings to lowest (except resolution and trees) i saw no fps improvement at all, this isn’t the case on medium sized maps like PEI, where i reach 70 fps on high and nearly 100 on low.
My GPU temp is below 70C so it isn’t thermal throttling.

Is this just Unturned being an unoptimized mess or am i doing something wrong?


@Fierybattlehawk Unturned has had problems with being a GPU hog over time from what I’ve heard from my friend Jesse. Also, I only care about having over 24 fps+ on ultra. I really don’t get why people complain about getting 40-50 frames, I consider that to be okay frames.

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My current computer has a 2070 Super and i pretty much get 50-60. My laptop has a much weaker 960M and before it had issues that thing managed 60 at best too but can now only manage around 30.

Unturned just doesn’t like to take advantage of what the GPU can fully offer for whatever reason. I’ve even ran the game on a laptop that was supposedly superior to mine and it struggled to hit 30 with a 1050 Ti.

Same here. GTX 1050, i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz, 2x8gb ram, SSD, High settings, most recent drivers and I’ve gotten 50-55 even on Easter Island, which is a medium map.

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