Consumable effect suggestions

Not sure if this has already been suggested, or is confirmed, but the current system for consumables to affect player stats is confusing and limited. Why have two separate lines for decreasing or increasing immunity? I think it would allow for more balancing options for medical items and more interesting consumables overall if the status lines were changed to take negative values to decrease instead of requiring a different line to decrease a stat, or not having an option to at all.


I’m not personally sure why the properties for food, water, stamina, immunity*technically, health, hallucinations, and warmth are all unsigned data types. Newer properties like Oxygen and Experience are signed, if you wanted to decrease either of those stats.

(Along with the Virus and Disinfectant properties you mentioned already.) Off the top of my head, I think the equivalent properties for weapon assets can take negative/positive values as well.

This doesn’t change anything about your suggestion – but these are the options currently available for anyone looking to affect player stats like that.

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i kind of thought drugs would do more than just one thing

on top of that, offer withdrawal to prevent overusage

definitely not stolen from new vegas spr-vstitle-noise-0

Adrenaline - High Health Regen, Increased Speed
With Drawal - low damage resistance, Slower Reload Speeds/ slow melee attacks
Toxicity goes down

Painkillers - Damage Resistance +75, temporary broken bone healing effect
Withdrawal - Difficulty aiming, Slow speed

Purification tablets - Heals toxicity
Withdrawal - Slight aiming problems


I feel like withdrawal might be a little overboard. I always thought of Unturned’s standing in survival games as being simple and short-term. Just doesn’t feel right to me.


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