Controls, Inside of vehicles (ideas)

Ok this is a pack of ideas with the theme on title!


W/D - Acelerate Vehicle
A/D - Turn vehicles to left or right
Space - Brakes on Cars, Stabilizer in Airplanes
S - Reverse March
Shift - Increase March / Increase Distance with the floor on helicopters
Ctrl - Decrease March/ Decrease D in helicopters

Outside Keys

F - Exit / Enter on vehicle (need Coountdown)


Buttom 1 - Horn / Cyrene (just Pilot)
Buttom 2 - Lights or other special on vehicle like a missle (Just pilot) “Missles as not a suggestion”

K - (Just to pilot) Turn vehicle on/Off (chance of fail for a period when more damaged, Need Coountdown)

Movimentation Inside

F1-F2-F3-F4… - Seats on vehicle
G - interact with part of vehicle like open windowns.
Q/E - Place the face to outside the windown / Lies trying protect himself (depend the side)


TAB - Open hud of vehicle showing damaged parts and price to repair add a place to add gadgets like airbags?" (Just to pilot, this go need vehicle off, time to craft and a time Without receiving damage)

U/I/O/J/K/L - To turn on gedgets like a radar, Gps, Radio, Alarms, etc…


  • Shift and Ctrl to control speed of vehicle (most probabily go have physic in unturned a car at 120 Km Hour go crash in a Curve.

K - Chance of fail to evict fugues in change of shoots when vehicle damaged
Q/E - Why not?

TAB - Gadgets a number of slots to place things like Gps/ Radio/ Radar on airplanes etc…

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It’s way too early to be making up control schemes for vehicles IMO, unless you’re proposing an entirely new mechanic where it is sometimes necessary.

I don’t really understand the point of such specific suggestions when so little is currently known.

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The Trello card for cars is flagged as a focus right now, so I don’t know what’s so terrible about the timing of this post about vehicle controls.

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We know virtually nothing about control schemes, yet here he is like “let’s just assign __ to __” without considering that even the slightest change to his planned control setup will screw over the entire suggestion.

Going on with the previous example, at least if he had a brand new mechanic to share, he could do it in such a way as to allow as much room as possible for other development decisions along the way.


He is suggesting new mechanics for vehicles xd

Does that satisfy you? The are literal suggestions to add onto vehicles. Not just suggesting controls for already planned things.

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