Could you add in an F3 menu that shows specific details


Please add in an F3 menu to show cords it would really help with testing unless somebody has made a mod for it still id like to know my cords maybe even a /warp or tp command that works off of cords it would be very helpful to know things such at time quads X Y Z Etc. but only for admins and such
Maybe it could be a command called /debug or a button in cheat mode


Did you mean coordinates (coords)? When you say “quads” I think of quad topology.

You could just teleport to your waypoint instead.


What if you want to teleport to a specific location


Teleport to your waypoint then?


Kinda like XYZ Tp commands for more specific uses
but i do like the map teleport idea


Oh, it’s not an idea. You can already teleport to your waypoints, actually.