Counter of kills and days without dying

My idea is to have an accountant who shows the number of zombies and dead players plus a count of days without dying(Already suggested by other forum users), and giving me ideas for achievements like 30 days without incident or 100 days without incident,So the player has more sense of how he evolved inside the game.

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Me: Hey accountant, how many kills OR deaths do i have?

Accountant: I’m a Fucking Accountant i dont track your kills or deaths i only track money and how much debt you are in the bank…



having that is better than an accountant telling you how much you owe the bank


5 kills have been deposited into your account.

Alright, where is this accountant?
On the map?
In the menu?
Sounds a lot just like the stats displayed in the menu, changeable by clicking the button which displays them.
Seems pointless.

Just going to leave this here, for the memes.

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Upper corner but can be set to stand next to the character stats, appears all the time as the life bar.

I’d be okay with this, so long as it’s only displayed on a watch, It could look similar to the watch from the Metro series.

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