Craftable assault rifle

just something like pine/birch/maple rifle but assault
PS: i dont want change 4.x to rust

I hope, because I don’t like Rust. Not because of the game, but it’s an only official multiplayer game -> You everytime get raid.

yeah, but you can make better base and and then is chance to getting raided lower but in unturned its same

Yes, Unturned one of the best games! If Mojang continues it’s course soon much better than Minecraft!

Maybe not an assault rifle, but a blowback submachine gun?

Simple rifle is okay.

that’s too far

A 20 round, 25-30 damage (pine being 30 damage, birch being 25, and maple being in the middle) “assault rifle” that does not accept anything but its own makeshift magazines would be fine in my books. Give it fairly meh range (like 150m) and overall stats, too. I think this could be a great addition to makeshift weapons.

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I think this is a bit to strong for a selfmade weapon. And the aim should be bad. The real AK-47 is (compared to other assault rifles) easy to build and reliable, but has a bad aim.

The AK doesnt have bad accuracy, thats a common misconception.

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Maybe. But that’s not important. If Unturned gets an craftable assault rifle, it should not be an sniper.

No one exactly mentioned it would be a sniper.

And please don’t act like one of those people who only know (and slightly at that) two firearms: The AK-47 and the AR-15.

It’s annoying.

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We were talking about makeshift assault rifles, so an AK is probably one of the best real world comparisons. (Not saying all AKs are of poor manufacturing, or that there are no other simple to manufacture assault rifles.)

If 4.0 gets craftable firearms, there should be a semi-auto like we currently have, and maybe a pistol or shotgun. Making fully-automatic weapons out of household parts is just something you can’t do. It can be done, but I’d love to see if you survive your attempts. Overall, SMGs and Assault Rifles that aren’t made out of a half-broken gun like Rust does, simply won’t work well, or at all.

IRL semiautomatic guns are more complex than fully automatic, but I get your point, since manual actions, and semiautomatic are treated as the same in Unturned. Blowback submachine guns can be incredibly simple to design and manufacture. I’d recommend you read about P.A. Luty.

What about the M16, or the Glock-12. kiddies must know those ones.

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