Craftable Stocks

There should be stocks and handguards you can make from wood, and can be put on certain weapons. This would add more customization options, and serve a functional purpose when you find an unstocked gun, make it more accurate, etc.

You should also be able to find basic parts in military bases, that can be crafted into more lightweight and specialized stocks and handguatds (folding stocks, carbon-fiber handguards/stocks) that can make the gun weigh less but improve accuracy the same as wooden ones, but be rarer (found in military locations and on NPCs perhaps).


Hm, interesting, I think it could prove to be quite a nice addition.

My only question is, should adding a stock increase the amount of space a gun will take up in the inventory?

Yes. 10 characters

Well, I ask because for instance the Scorpion
Wouldn’t really have an increase in space would it?

Maybe Collapsible stocks don’t increase storage space, but they provide the worse recoil reduction.

You should also be able to saw stocks off to let them equip faster and have way more recoil, as well as running faster with it. Collapsables should offer faster run speed, take up less space/weight in inventory but take a while to equip as you have uncollapse it

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We cant craft stocks,
The economy crafts stocks

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Unfolding the stock like he does would literally break the stock connector.

Yeah no that would still break it

Exactly. Only wooden/carbon fiber/polymer stocks (non collapsible) would take up more space. Alternatively, folding stocks could just be harder to find/craft.

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Yeah, that’s a good idea.

stalker is bad ecksdee

How about having guns with folded stocks take less inventory space, a sligtly faster time to equip but while folded it would have high recoil so if you wannt to and have the time to you could unfold the stock to get relieble recoil control


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