Crafting Animations and Real time cooking

So i saw some old crafting topics discussing the whole system, crafting times, crafting tables and such. I did not see anything about a possible crafting animation.

What if during the crafting que of making something (if implemented) it would be cool if instead of just standing with your arms dangling near a crafting table or anvil or lathe, your character could interact with it.

Like with an anvil you could be swinging a hammer and hitting the anvil, or operating a lathe/milling machine, nothing too crazy but real simple like just operating the wheels.

Something basic like nails would only take a 3 or so seconds but if you where to make 10 or 20 you would be sitting there hitting the anvil for a hot minute.

This to me would be super satisfying to at night in my base swinging away at my anvil or making parts on the lathe with little animations and “appropriate construction noises”. I saw Nelson talking about different levels of darkness at night in his trello. This would be the perfect time to sit in base and get all your crafting and cooking done.

Also simple things not requiring a forge, anvil, lathe, or any table for example making a spear would just be the animation 3.0 has now for entering your inventory (the rummaging of your hands).

Idk if anyone knows about World of Warcraft crafting and animations, but my animation ideas come from that (not the crafting system itself).

The cool thing would be if you where making a end game gun or crafting something big that would take a minute or two it would feel pretty good operating the lathe or drilling holes with the mill for a time to craft this epic item weapon compared to standing there looking at a timer.

Also with cooking Idk if anyone has Sea of Thieves but they added a new cooking system to there game i really really like. (Look it up on you tube if you haven’t seen it) They have stove tops and pans on tripods over fires you can cook fish and meat on, but when you cook it you place the food on top the stove and you can see it cooking with satisfying frying and popping noises. I would love to see that implemented into U2. Would feel very survivally to build a fire and put a pan over with your venison you just hunted and watch it cook over the fire instead of getting lvl 1 cooking and clicking craft.

Also later on maybe you could make a large flat iron stove. And could lay multiple meats on the stove and cook them all at once. Flipping burgies.

What you guys think, I would love to see these added, to me it would make the game feel rewarding and add to the survival aspect.


I like the idea, but the crafting time is not very good.

That would be a bit boring in my opinion though, I like the idea of a fixed time (regardless of the amount of items), for example, if I build a nail, I spend 2 seconds, if I build 20 nails I spend 2 seconds (assuming the animation of the character interacting with the anvil is 2 seconds), this would be to have a chance to cancel the construction of the item I accidentally set to do.

Now the idea of crafting animations, specifically, I like a lot.
It would be quite satisfying to see the character interacting with the building benches.

As for food, I prefer a simpler way like in minecraft, where we put the item to be cooked in the bonfire inventory and in a few seconds it will be ready, it might be interesting if it stays a long time in the bonfire that it burns and disappear (?).

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.>be me
.>play unturned
.>nelson updates cooking
.>you now have to place food on top
.>drop a raw fish
.>it drops on the ground
.>realize I have to climb onto the stove to place it
.>jump on top of fire
.>burn to death immediately

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