Crafting Materials

what do you thing about it?
I thing that it can be the unturned trading currency! is just like tf2 stuff, now we just need trade plaza servers.

I think it’s… interesting. To be completely honest I don’t see much of a point to it.

We have 25.9k Spark T-shirt on the market that no one is going to buy.
scrap that type of stuff to get other type of stuff is pretty nice.


If you have that many T-Shirts, salvaging and crafting is probably a good idea.

Some people may start mass-purchasing the 3-cent items in preparation of being able to craft new special items in the future, which directly impacts the economy (mostly in a better way, it’d seem here).

This feature has been requested a lot, including by many notable community members, and its addition is likely not only to appeal to the community but to garner feedback that may directly impact how this is handled in 4.x.


What if someone made a salvaging trader bot?

I really like the concept, but as of now I think it could go with some tweaking, I think it should work in a way that it can
A) give you a better item depending on how much scrap you used (seems that doesn’t happen as of now because I spent 13 scrap to try to get an uncommon and ended up with a common, don’t think that should happen)
and B) Maybe give you a shot at getting custom hats/cosmetics? Not asking for some crazy stuff but maybe we could get some people from the workshop to make some cool (non-neon) cosmetics for this system.

These are just simple suggestions though, and I feel like the first one is the more important one, second one just gives more variety which is always a nice thing though.

That is pretty common in the game that pretty much inspired that system, tf2 for example we have the site where bots trade itens for scraps.