Crafting system overhaul

I’d love to see the current crafting system get completely redone. More components; some lootable, some you have to craft, some you can only find in certain places, etc.

Another useful feature would be to instead of having three separate crafting recipes per item, simply have the one item use one recipe that you can change by right clicking. Say you want to make a pine rifle but the current recipe is a birch rifle. You could simply right click until you reached the pine rifle, and then craft that.

Also, please, more realistic crafting recipes.

Semi rushed post because im really tired but I wanted to get some general, semi loose ideas out there, so that they can be added to/given feedback by others.

Any thoughts?


I think this’d be nice. I was also thinking that some recipes should also require more than one skill, rather than just “Requires Crafting 1/2/3”. It’d also give some incentive to use the lesser used skills. Like the makeshift vehicles (excluding the raft) would require the Mechanic skill alongside crafting, and get progressively higher the more complex the recipe. Crafting the makeshift rifles might require Sharpshooter 1, etc.

Some other things that would be nice is more tools required in crafting, like a hammer or a frying pan. Cooking should also be put in a different place other than the crafting menu imo.

But besides that, your ideas are good too. Swapping between craftable variants of items would reduce clutter a lot.


I feel like this would be very hard to do, but would change the game in alot of ways (good or bad) I lways felt crafting was too simple

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