Crafting table

U should have a crafting table to make your wepons or wall at just soo u are not crafting a blood wall in your pocket


I assume you are referring to a workbench. That may be nice, now that I think about it.


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I can understand this post but you lost me at “blood wall.” Please I need to know what this means, my life depends on it

“bloody wall,” is what he meant

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Well,that would be really cool,and quite realistic.

Anyway,enjoy your stay here. :wink:

I’m from new Zealand and we have slang I don’t mean a wall of blood I mean u don’t what to make a normal wall in your pocket :slight_smile:

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Personally I enjoy being able to craft anything from the ease of your inventory.


I’m not opposed to us requiring specific top tier items (preferably not things like walls) special buildables to craft.

E.g. Sentry, gun, military level armor (not basic), electronics, ex’s.

like ark’s fabricator


There should be :
Lumber mill : recquired to create wood tier stuff
Stone workshop : needed to create stuff out of stone ( especially structures )
Metal foundry : needed to craft material out of iron
Tannery : used to create clothes
Dye station : used to create dyes
Engineering station : needed for Electronic tier stuff
Industrial machineries ( special, you may find different kinds of machineries on maps , depending on what the factory produce, for example, a industrial grinder, cooker, furnace, etc, you would have to move thoses to your base .


Why would we need these? These sound more suited for Starbound or a Minecraft tekkit pack. Realism for the sake of realism isn’t enjoyable.

I think just one crafting table is already enough pal.

But again. I could be wrong.


I think crafting stations should be separated by what they do, not by what materials they work with.
i.e. instead of a tannery being used for all textiles, a vat of acid could be used to soak hides and create leather or to soak cotton and create gun cotton, but weaving textiles and baskets or whatever would be done at a different crafting station.

(Edit: I should point out that the following is unrelated and not directed towards anyone in particular.)
Also, since Nelson said he wanted to take some Factorio inspirations for the development of 4.X, perhaps powered or automated variants of crafting stations could be added and maybe even multiple types for different types of power like mechanical energy from a motor or mill, electrical energy from a turbine, engine, or battery, or crafting stations that require being fueled individually.

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Thx bro all good

I actually like this because it involves planning rather than crafting C4/ grenades/ splints/ bandages on the fly.

kiwis aren’t from arab, they from china.

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Yeah right…

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And now I know why kiwi fruits are so fuzzy.