Crash with battleye

The problem is if i exec unturned with battleye on the last part of the menu loading crash, idk why this happens but all help is welcome.

We can’t really help you with virtually no info here to work with.

Are there error logs you can get? What are your specs?


My pc is a intel g440 1.60GHz, 2 gb of ram (1.86 useful) and a intel HD2000, i can’t give you information of the problem because the game close alone (the crash)

I would recommend at least 8 GB of RAM to play the game, 4 GB minimum but you wouldn’t be able to load all the maps.

This feels more like a hardware issue. If you were to find and check the crash output, it’d likely be a memory issue. You could try closing out of other programs before launching the game, and just having Unturned/Steam open, but I’m doubtful that this would help you by the time you start to try and enter a map.


That’s expected to happend, oh man, i hope i can exec unturned 2 better than unturned 3.0

That’s more than unlikely, better optimization doesn’t mean that any computer will be able to run the game. 2 gb of ram is very low in 2019, not to mention that the rest of the specs doesn’t really catch-up either.


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