Creating better trap systems

There have been a lot of suggestions about how to make traps better recently, but I have not seen any requests for a “sandboxy” style trap set up (If someone has said something similar to this please let me know)

What I mean by this is instead of having preset traps built by Nelson, such as a snare that hurts you when you walk on it, add a system where players can attach different items to triggers.

This system would work where when you place any triggerable item (such as a pressure plate or tripwire) you can attach it to nearby items to make them have effects when set off.

An example could be setting a trap so that when a player walks on a pressure plate, a barrel will tip over and roll towards said player, hopefully damaging them. Other example could include setting off C4, opening a trapdoor, shooting a stationary gun, or moving physics objects at high speeds such as with the barrel.

The reason this is important is because with the current trap system its very difficulty to do something creative, which is what a trap relies on, the unexpected. Allowing players to have a more open approach to base defense will make offline raiding harder as well as add immersion and realism to game play.

On another note this new trap system is solely for killing players and possibly zombies, so animal traps would still need to have their own defined trap, such as a baited spear trap.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think! :grin:

Edit: Someone else already made a post like this here: Custom Trap System

Also on the original post Nelson commented liking this idea!


Traps are gay.



I made a thread about this topic a while ago.

Saying that doesn’t change anything or really even help.

I feel like every trap post has been about that.


It’s for the memes, I actually don’t have anything against caltrops and claymores and such.

for the memes

no /s

Hmm yes

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