Creating Playable Regions Beyond Map Bounds

Hey there, I was playing around with the idea of adding a new tile beyond my map boundary and then shaping the player clip boxes to allow the player to explore this area as a bit of an extra place to go to outside of the bounds.

It seems while trying this idea that I’m able to add the new tile, shape it, and texture it, but when trying to add objects they teleport back to being inside the original map bounds. It also is not possible to place resources outside of those bounds as well.

I assumed these bounds were defined by the Foliage Volume on the map, but despite expanding, creating new volumes, or deleting the current one, nothing seems to change this from happening.

I’m really not sure what defines the boundary that Objects and Resources can be placed in, as I believe the previous Devkit allowed for placing outside of bounds? I’d be really interested in figuring out what determines this, and further experimenting with non-square map shapes. Any information is greatly appreciated!

Try using Use_Legacy_Clip_Borders bool : Should invisible walls matching map size be created? Defaults to true.
You can copy it from Germany, Elver or Arid, or from me: (here’s example)

"Use_Legacy_Clip_Borders": false

Yeah the problem isn’t the clip, I’ve been using my own player clip boxes, and I’ve already used that command line to remove the legacy one. The problem is that objects teleport back into the bounds, and resources can’t be placed.

The resource clip is separate, so you’ll have to increase that as well. And for objects teleporting back into bounds, I’m not sure. I’ve never seen that before.

How big is your map? Although you can add/remove tiles to make your map a custom size, the game only supports up to the “Insane” map size. Going beyond those dimensions will cause unwanted behaviors.

EDIT: see this support article – “Why can’t I place objects outside the map border?”.


Yeah this is likely the problem, my map is already Insane so it’s likely an internal hardcap. It’d be great to be able to change this in the future, but I understand why SDG wouldn’t want anything bigger since Insane is already so low performance.

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This isn’t something I foresee being changed in the imminent future.

Unrelated, but—I’ll make a note that it may be helpful for us to add this to one of our lists of “known issues”, since people have reported this a couple times anyways.

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On that note, could you also include crashing as a result of some sort of internal hardcap on nodes (safezones and deadzones specifically).

I’ve had this issue where I place too many of these and the game will freeze requiring a force close, once opened the entire node file is corrupt and locations, safezones, etc. are missing.

I’m not personally familiar with this issue. If you can recreate it and provide the crash logs generated after crashing, feel free to create an issue on the 3.x Community GitHub repository.

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This topic is a few months old now, but we’ve recently added a new support article that provides similar information regarding Insane-sized maps: “Why can’t I place objects outside the map border?”.