Creative mode, ingame map editor, inventory, physics for buildings

  1. Creative mode for admins:
    Menu with all items, transport
    Fly mode
    Edited. Editing a map without going into the editor, editing while playing on the map (in a singleplayer, on a server with players)
  1. Physics for buildings and mechanisms (for example as in Garry`s Mod)
  1. Inventory system by capacity (for example as in Space Engineers)
  1. One huge map with different regions
  1. Custom names for maps, locations etc

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The name “Creative Mode” is already in use in Unturned 3.0
And I understand your passion to be able to make/edit a map with your friends at the same time, but let’s be honest here. This is gonna be super hard for Nelson to code. Maybe a lot of people would like it, but still, we still need to be considerate of Nelson’s time and energy

Being able to move objects sounds pretty simple to code. Give players the ability to use the precision building tool on objects part of the map.

I can’t figure out what you’re referring to. :confused:

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Sandbox servers I guess.

I like almost all the ideas although the 1st idea not so much, kinda seems almost exactly like mine craft, don’t you think Unturned is already enough like mine craft as for the rest especially the 4th idea I really like it!

Unturned is nothing like minecraft

Edited. Editing a map without going into the editor, editing while playing on the map (in a singleplayer, on a server with players)

i like those ideas but the idea of editing a map wile someone is playing with you?naah but editing in single player i agree

I like the idea of physifical in objects and mecanisms is more imersive. temperatule laws of newton =) relativity teory? maybe

What the fuck is Google translate doing here

don’t juje people of there bad english they can be better than you in other languages

… That’s why I blamed Google translate, which I assumed you used, for its historic terribleness in translation.

It would be messed up if you were editing while people were playing on the map at the same time.

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Well maybe only the head of the player

yeah, the head of the player is the only similarity there. Even that, you have different textures and flexibility

I would LOVE to see some sort of interface for item giving, vehicle spawning, and teleportation (for admins only, of course) because it is painful to use historyless chat for just trying out new features and having the “OP fun”.

@AlexRed I like the idea! If you want to check out my topic I go into detail about why it would be a good idea to have
^building physics^


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