Cross Compatible Stereo Music


Around a month or so back I made a large music pack to allow it so when I play a song on the stereo, others can hear the same song if they also have the pack.

I realized a flaw with how I set it up where the Unturned theme would be replaced with one song then the rest would only work for the person who clicked the song and any other players heard nothing.

Is there any known way to make it so that all songs are heard by all with the pack, no matter who is playing them?

I assume it’s an Id issue but I’m unsure which Id if that is correct.


Moved this to #workshop for you.

Definitely wouldn’t mind finding out the answer for this (modject factions bias aaaa)


T’is a shame really.

Running in the 90s worked fine, the Bill Nye theme not so much :frowning:

this is so sad can we get 50 members


Indeed, I’ll be doing some more experiments to get it working tonight. But it would be nice if someone knows right off the bat