Crystals don't appear

I was doing the MK2 quest when i was at the part where you have to kill some zombies and different locations but there where no places to place the crystal and when I try to go back after exiting the game and rejoining the door wont open. Please help and if this is a game breaking bug then can i get the beret…xD.

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I think if I remember well that the MK2 quest was a time limited achievement, you only had a period where you could achieve it so I think you can’t complete the MK2 quest anymore.

That’s not true. The MK 2 quest can still be completed nowadays. Never was it mentioned that the quest was time limited.


Oh, then I spent all this time not doing it for nothing! thanks man!

Definitely not game breaking in the slightest. Sure, it might temporarily impede you from completing a quest but that doesn’t mean it makes it unplayable.

Please do not beg for cosmetics. We don’t want more of those… people.

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For most people who have reported a bug with the crystals not having a spot to be place – they’ve skipped steps in the easter egg. Are you sure you did the easter egg properly, without skipping steps?

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Actually now that I think of it the Extinguished achievement still exists even though Hawaii was retired to the workshop.

You can still get the Extinguished achievement (if you download Hawaii and play through the easter egg).

Yeah, just think it’s weird you have to download workshop content to get the achievement.

If you think about how achievements work though, it makes more sense:

-> Game sets criteria for achievement
(map retired to workshop)
(code does not change)
-> Has the magma boss been killed on Hawaii? yes/no
-> If yes, trigger achievement unlock
-> If no, ignore

As long as the achievement and the achievement criteria don’t change or get removed, you can get any specific achievements on retired workshop maps, as long as they’re official.