Curated Maps


please just make some new mechanics for the game or at least something that isn’t a new curated map. it’s getting stale to play them and i would like to see some new stuff to do, like maybe you could somehow activate the space shuttle in Germany and go explore the moon or something. i don’t really mind the curated maps, but they seem to be taking more time and are usually the only new things in updates. just my 2 cents.


Moved to #unturned-3, because that’s the only version of the game with curated maps.


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Adding unnecessary new content isn’t a priority for Unturned 3. The priority is to fix the issues in the process of being fixed, finish pushing out the few “legitimate” updates that have been in the process of being pushed out, and heavily focus on Unturned II again from mid-August onward.


Curated maps dont take development time away from nelson, so its a really good way to get fresh content in the game without slowing down the development of unturned 4.x/2 while also not stopping nelson from fixing bugs and other problems with the game. I agree that maps could get a little more creative, as germany and russia have shown that teleporting players is possible, so I guess exploring a small moon base would be possible too, but you would have to hide it somewhere on the map which would get tricky.


hey, y’know what’s dumb?
curated maps
y’know what’d be really interesting in a zombie game?
exploring the moon



idk about u but that athens arena map was prety cool


buy the athens arena map bundle


That’s hardcoded just for these maps, meaning we can’t make it possible in other maps… Anyways.
The only way I recall for teleport stuff is via NPC conditions.

Probably not thaaaat fun though, it’s not like “pls add a rokket shipp so we can go 2 teh möon lol!!” has been suggested many times before :stuck_out_tongue:



Take a look at the Greece Manhole.


I disagree.

Interactability_Reward_0_Type Teleport
Interactability_Reward_0_Spawnpoint 2200

This would teleport you to the spawnpoint (set by the Devkit) that has an ID of 2200. It’s used for an object in Hawaii. The only hard-coded things (relevant to maps) are achievements and tutorial messages, iirc.



isn’t russia/germany stuff hardcorded?


no, it’s object based.


Nelson said he is actually focusing on fixing core bugs/making tweaks to 3.0 currently. It’s too late in 3.0 to add new mechanics. 4.0, or Unturned II, is now going to be the solution to this. The only thing Nelson does with curated maps is make sure they qualify to be ingame and have a purchasable bundle to support the creators. The actual mapmaking is done by the team. So your point about curated maps “taking more time” doesn’t really make sense as Nelson doesn’t do much with them.

I think the thing is after the advent of “curated maps” in early 2017, teams started forming and just now, those teams that actually survived the process of making a map are now ready to release and there are quite a few upcoming curated maps en mass.

Nelson focusing on 3.0 tweaks - He mentions it in the interview at some point
I’m a mapmaker for the upcoming France map, releasing in the near future.


When initially responding, I felt like there was a post Nelson made discussing this type of thing, so it could be. (But I think I’m just remembering that some lighting-based stuff used to be hardcoded, such as Liberator lights.)

For Germany, it looks like the teleporters might be using two custom event conditions. They might be reusable, although with limited creative freedom.

For Hawaii, it just teleports/spawns the player at a specific spawnpoint (ID-based, definitely not hard-coded).

For Russia, I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s going on. It’s likely hard-coded, or at least the teleport parameter is. It looks like the door kinda-somewhat is too, at least the sound effect and “Anastasia” parameter are.

For Greece, the Lamia sewer entrance teleports you similar to how Hawaii does it. However, it appears that the ID doesn’t have to be a number. It seems that they decided to just name the spawnpoint “SewersEnterLamia” instead.

So yeah, Russia/Germany do actually look hard-coded (to varying degrees). Fortunately, you can still make teleporters (I believe the Spyjack’s Tales of Terror map uses them, for example). You can probably set an effect to play during/after/before a teleport, too.


I find that new curated maps in the current game would keep people’s interest in the Unturned title while he puts most of his effort on the new game


personally i think curated maps are fucking stupid
just make workshop maps, they’re exactly like workshop maps except somehow treated as if they’re slightly more special
take Battlekot’s Carpat map for example. Almost as shitty as his older map “Vakistan”. Did anybody give a single shit about that when it came out? No. Did Battlekot improve in his map making skills since 2016? No. But the release of Carpat was treated as being way more significant just because it was implemented into the actual game. Curated maps are just blowing away people’s interest for any nice, well-crafted workshop maps.