Current state of Hosting a Server

Howdy not-so-turned-person-behind-a-monitor,

I’ve recently got back into Unturned, went ahead and wanted to setup a Local server to set it up so it takes me less time to get going once i get a service rented on a GSP. Sadly, i been having the worst times with the way Unturned handles servers as it seems to be either broken or just missing vital parts of the server.

This is what i’ve done this time to get the Server running:

  1. Downloaded the Game (2 times now, wanted to make sure it wasn’t me).
  2. Created a a Shortcut to add the parameters for the server (-nographics -batchmode +secureserver/myserver)
  3. Manually created Bundles/Workshop/Maps (Only the latter folders)
  4. Sit down, regret life and started back over from scratch about 20 times.
  5. More sitting down, regretting life and then looking into every single file that’s server related.
  6. Registered an account on SDG’s Forum to post this thread and gave up on life.

Now, this is what the server does when first booted up:

  1. Outputs that the server has managed to set every single commands.dat entry successfully (Even though it doesn’t)
  2. BattleEye is disabled but VAC is enabled even though the process is running and even though the Config.json says both are set to True (Which should show them up as Enabled once you go to the Server Browser).
  3. Any changes made to the Config.json file are invalid, they don’t even work or show up.
  4. Server Fails to set Game to: SurvivalGameMode.

I’ve taken the time to ask some friends who run a GSP to boot up a server anywhere and they have run into the same issue, the server is basically ignoring any change made by the service owner.

Any help on this?

Best Regards,

You didn’t create …/Workshop/Steam and …/Workshop/Content.

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Odd little bastard, i thought something else was missing but wasn’t sure as to what was it lol

Thanks mate!

Glad that was the only issue! This is just an issue with the latest patch, and should be fixed in the future as to not require making those folders anymore.