Custom 4.0 Rangers Guns 3D Model [WIP]


Hey maybe make the fusilaut without the camo , i feel it’s better ( French soldiers don’t have camo on it ) .
Also I think Nelson could like it :slight_smile:


Pretty sure he was making the model less-slenderman like.

Your famas look pretty good @OtterAlpha !


SVD (after AKM)?
I’d like to see normal svd, not this giant peestol-carbine from 3.x.

btw. people from around the world calls AK rifle “AK-47”, while official rifle name is just AK, without year numbers.
However, AK-47 really exist. In the same way like M16A1 exist. You can call M16A1 a M16, but you can’t call M16A2 a M16A1. Just like you can call AK an AK-47, if it’s really AK-47. But you can’t call AK-46 an AK-47 (“a M16” or “an M16”? or just “as” everywhere? help).
(yes, there’s AK-46. Just like AK-48. They are just pre-production versions of AK rifle)

fragment of post from here:

“AnonymousJuly 31, 2015 at 5:47 PM
This post is excellent! I’d like to share some info. In Russia we simply call it AK instead of AK-47. Other people should call these rifles AKs as well, because as you said there are different variants. AK-46, AK-47 and AK-48 were prototypes. Final variant of Kalashikov assault rifle was adopted in 1949 by the Soviet military. Official military designation is 7.62-mm Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK) or 7.62-мм автомат Калашникова (АК).”

(irony mode on)
Allies won war, west allies right is the only righterous one, so they have the right to give names to weaponry ‘n’ other stuff, even if it don’t belongs to them :3
(irony mode off)
just like PzKpfw VI Tiger II. Konigstiger is german for bengal tiger, so tank is “bengal tiger”, not “king tiger”. Just allies made a translation mistake, but even now everyone everywhere is calling this tank a “king tiger” instead of “bengal tiger”. And nopony gives a fck about it’s real name…
Konigstiger, good. Bengal tiger also good. But do not translate it as king tiger.


People don’t want the AK-47 though because not only is it extremely overused in video games, but it’s also fairly rare IRL. Majority of AK-type rifles aren’t genuine AK-47s anymore. You’ll see a lot of clones, indigenous designs, AKMs, and AK-74s, but not many AK-47s.

A basic AKM would do fine since it’s pretty common in the real world, and not nearly as overrepresented as the AK-47 (in fact, AKMs in video games get called AK-47s quite often).



My hope is to see my work integrated into Unturned II. The camo is only for you too see the UV’s in action, (and for me to play with :wink: )Basic Fusilaut will have no camo. But I think that unturned II will also have camo on guns (as 3.0), no ?

@KingFrog Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok thanks for answer.

I will really look closer to modelise AKM. But i want to know if my model have a chance to be in the game, not just staying on a forum. Nowaday I cant know if my work can be integrated into 4.0, obviously not now, but later in the developement.

Anyways, Here some pics of me playing with Gimp to create camo texture(very easy to do). Tell me wich one you guys prefers :

Thanks for reading.


those skins look :ok_hand: PRISTINE



Fight me.


I’ll raise you one more


That may be a bullpup, but is a combination weapons system with an assault rifle and bullpup 20mm grenade launcher?



Or just


Hello Guys

Last camo texture for @Nightwolf_Starlight

And some teasing on my next work. its a 1h30 hours works, so there still lot to do !

Comment, like if you like and that all !


Very good,it is amazing congratilations


man that looks awesome, great work


Dat looks rad. Awesome camo and beautiful models. Great work, man!
(that iron sight will be an open sight when you finish the model, right?)

I will show some pics too. These models aren't mine, there is a game with guns models. If you can't find some pics in internets, you can check this
Some other shooting ranges :3

btw. If you’re gonna ask about next models, you will drown in requests :3
But, like you said, you wanna do only these models that have a chance to be in game.
Would be nice to model Schofield (farmer locations rifle) to look like a real Mosin. But!
It’s a Mosin. It’s a soviet rifle. Rather small chance to be found on America maps. Sooo…
You can make a Springfield rifle model, if Nelson will agree to add it into game.
(not mentioning that Garand is already in 3.x, and there would be a spam of this one on U.S. maps :3 )


If you make camo for fusilaut , we need the French pattern camo :slight_smile:


try and do an arctic camo for the AK (at least that’s what i think the gun is)


Hey !!!

Thaks you all for yours comment.
Ive made some further test with camo, i will show when the current guns is finish. For what this gun is or you names it, i will refer to it as “ZUBEKNAKOV” ( right names this time :grin: ). This is a gun of the AK familly, so AK is right too.

Ive made progress on the model, but im at a point where i cant see the line bewteen too complex or too simple … for UII. Hard to modelise stylised things :sweat_smile:

: Hmmm the sight will probably stay like that (i like it ), but im open to change if lot of people ask for.

: Ive made some interesting camo that look close from French mili camo.
@TophatPesky Artic camo is some post earlier ^^

The Pics :

Feedback are appreciated ( with explanation )


Problems to fix with the model:

  1. The front sight should have an open top
  2. The lower handguard should be the same width as the upper
  3. The front post shouldn’t be on top of the upper handguard
  4. The magazine release lip goes the opposite way
  5. The selector lever should be on the left side only
  6. The stock should be the same width as the receiver, and the top should be straight not salnted
  7. The dust cover release is a single piece
  8. The bolt handle should be longer

Try to use more reference pics when making it


Model may be too complex for 3.x style, but not 4.x (or UII)!
4.x is still a bit blocky, but moar detailed. Detailed, mean not by shape (at least not as much moar shape than just) details itself. Rl (real-life) irons, rl safety/fire switch, rl handguards, rl trigger, rl everything, but in blocky style.
Fusilaut is a great example of that - not looks totally as high-poly as rl models (becuase Unt style is not high-poly and don’t need to be), but have those details that 3.x don’t have: bipods, auto/burst fire switch near trigger (two swtiches or fire mode: auto/burst as 1st and semi/safety as 2nd), proper bolt handle, trigger, trigger guard, detailed stock and those sweet carvings in the front, under bipods.
Dat sweet beauty combines cool Unt fun-style with big precision of details and great careness of model.
Your models are really charming, i can’t wait to see them in the game.
Zubeknakov just need some tiny changes, just tiny but very visible to such eye like mine :3
Would you be kindly to make AK not that wide (especially stock). Just, like, 1/3-1/4 thinner would be fine.

Right side, mate. Right.

(open image in new tab with right click, it’s album with 4 images. idk why 1st image showed up instead of link)

Also if could you make rear irons like dat:

(imgur album, 2 pics. right click and open as new tab)
sry for pain(t) :3
(without paiting them red of course. and those cylinders in the 1st pic not that big. Just like in 2nd pic and pics in prev albums)
Front post inside of front iron, although front iron may stay as ghost ring (full rim). both, open top and ghost ring looks pretty - that’s up to you and otter players feedback (otter pun intended :3 - no offense. otters are cute)
That’s all from me.
Don’t lose your socket while overworking with all dat demands :3