Custom 4.0 Rangers Guns 3D Model [WIP]


35 mm > 20 mm


Does it have airbust smart grenades though?


Yes, and the direction of the fragmentation was programmable too.


Hello there,

@ThatGuyYouDontKnow Thanks for your feedback,It helping me a lot and i tweaked all the points you ve stired up.
Just 2 words about reference : i use 3 references to modelise it ( one being the old Zubeknakov from 3.0 ), that enough. Why ? in a game where character doesnt has noses or proper hands, trying to get really accurate model for Guns is a non sense ( IMHO ) Just look at the guns show in devblog video, the proportion arent respected, but its look great because it has the “unturned” spirit ( aka “Blocky” style ). However, the details that you ve stired up were not in this case, and i admit that i havent seen all that point before you told me ^^ So thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

@Nightwolf_Starlight : Thanks for your comment, usefull too.I keep adding details, but maybe not enough. The sight is open now ! I think the mesh is close to be finish
here are the pics :

Comments and like ( if you like it )


Edited in “Custom” before the title so people don’t get mislead into thinking this is an official model, hope you don’t mind


The front post sticks out a little bit too much, a proper AK sight picture looks like this:


That one might be a little bit too obscuring, so have the front post stick out just a little bit, like this:


The stock and handguard…screw it, the whole thing looks a bit out of proportion, as opposed to an actual AKM.



Ok, one moar thing about irons:
Front iron is ok - let it stay dat way.
About rear iron:
Side shape of rear iron is good

but it’s rear shape plate should be moar like dat:

As you can see, those cylinders upper line is a bit lower that upper line of iron sight plate, and that’s how it should be.
Just like here:

If front iron post is not in the line with rear iron plate, then it’s because it’s quite tricky to set camera precisely just like i need.


Hello there !

@Sirba I dont want to create some “drama” here, but just questionning myself why that tittle disturbed you so much (modo havent notified me to change it, so i thought it was ok ) Other post here show works ( 3D or sound design) without mentioning CUSTOM in their title, and apparently they didnt disturbed anybody (nor you particulary). Its really nitpicking in my opinion. And thinking that people may be mistaken of the “not official” nature of this topic is incomprehensible, as its clear that im not Nelson ( nor a moderator )
Drama end here, i wont change the title.

Thanks for your feed back, ive changed the sight following your advice. Helpfull as usual.
Ive added more details, i let you see it on the mesh. ( some are on the opposite face so you wont notice them on picture )
For the proportion, the mesh is really close from the original Zubeknakov, so i think that its the “good” proportion for UII.
I will now make the UV and then play with camo :sweat_smile:.
I want to reaffirme that my goal is to see this mesh into the game, and maybe that will never happen, maybe they dont fits unturned II at all , but i wand to give it a try.

The pics ( playing with color but UV isnt done yet ) :

Proportion ( blue line represents my model, background picture is original zubeknakov )

@Nightwolf_Starlight Ive seen your comments just before writting my post, so i will fix this after ^^



Needs to be more accurate to the actual ak. The receiver should be longer


Me, when I godly don’t understand why does people suggestion say that it have to be accurate. I know major details is a must add, but a lot of “have to be super accurate” minor details? No thx,

I think that it a lil bit too detailed for unturned II, but whatever, it still under development


It just seems out of proportion from the irl gun


Welp, idk, I guess that fine


Saying that is like making a supreme pizza but not putting on any toppings.


If you have doubts, you can always talk with Nelson via priv messages.
Show him your work. Invite him to see the topic, if he didn’t done it yet - also to check other player’s expectations, as some of realism fans want to have 4.x models resemble closer to real-life models than to 3.x (still Unt blocky style, but more looking like they real-life counterparts).
You are doing a really great job here, i admire the time and the whole effort you are taking into this.
And also you are saving Nelson’s team some job, so they can focus on other things and release 4.x faster or more developed. It would be really shame if your models wouldn’t get into game.

The thing i’m afraid is about models that they will look too much like 3.x instead of possible 4.x.
SVD is probably the best example - it can be done to look like a real SVD sniper rifle even in Unturned style.
But 3.x looks more like CX4 than SVD:


Yes, but it’s just that the icon of topic in the front page is not the OP’s, rather the one of last person to comment on it.

For example imagine there’s a topic straight up called “Devlog #18” with a bunch of comments already, and it’s not really an actual devlog but instead just simple discussion.

It wouldn’t have been far fetched for Nelson to write a post about another gun model since he’s already made the model for the M4, so giving a title like that has its spice of bait, even if unintentional. Hope you understand.


TBH I feel like the sights should be round, it is just more visually pleasing when aiming. The rest looks good though.


Hello there,

First of all, thanks for replying, its always interesting to have feedbacks and discussion.

For the proportion problem, its really a tasty debate to have ! In my opinion the shape is good. Just look at the other guns we ve seen in devblog, they barely have the same blocky style and “not accurate at all” shape or proportions. But i could have wrong. Its hard to say with just 3-4 Screenshots. Imagine having a very accurate models ( in proportions ) that would be very weird and didnt fits the environement, characters, props , … But maybe its too much out of proportions in this case. Hard to say.
@Nightwolf_Starlight Thanks, i will problably send priv message again , but ive already tried ( 3 weeks ago ) and never had reply ( but that was via @mail, not forum ) .
@Sirba Ok. As say before, this point is over for me.
@ComradeThelisia : Hmmm … it would be better for aiming, sure :sweat_smile: But its more aesthetic this way (IMHO).

Pics with camos ( 3 this time, hope to not overload server )

As usual, feedback are appreciated !



I’ll tell you, i always had been checking e-mail rarely, and now it’s even less. Sometimes it’s just to check forgotten password/login or to verificate e-mail adress. In-game communicator (ts, discord) or forum communication is moar sure and alive than mail these times :3
Nelson is working on game, so he must check forum sooner or later, from time to time. I don’t know how often he’s visiting it, but sometimes i can see him replying to posts in otter topics.


The reciever looks pretty nice, but I would say the stock and the grip is a bit to blocky. AKA the wood parts. Maybe the stock would be fine if you added some depth to the texture,


Hello There,

@Nightwolf_Starlight I will try soon (when next model is finished )
@ComradeThelisia : Thx for your feedback. For now i will work on another guns, cause AK took me really too much time and i want to go on. But certainly i will come back on AK later to polish it.

So talking on next model , try to guess which weapon it is ( it exist in 3.0 ) :

Comments it !