Custom 4.0 Rangers Guns 3D Model [WIP]


You mean, put model out of 3.x, exactly the same 3.x model, and just add trigger, trigger guard, and that’s all? That’s what 4.x models are/should be?


Bruh… :man_facepalming:


It just kindoff looks like you want maybe a 25-50%% graphical (poly count) upgrade from 3.x
Nelson is obviously more experienced now and can make much higher quality guns, they should not be super smooth, but not a block either. Right now you just add a couple things to the gun without changing anything else. Making it basically a 3.x gun with a trigger + trigger guard and more detailed stock…

Well not like it really matter to me, as I will import my own character models and weapon animations for a custom mod.


asks for feedback

people almost unanimously agree the style doesn’t fit UII that well

“You guys are just wrong”

Seriously though, you could at least try to let him use this as an opportunity to improve something… It looks good, but definitely not quite at the level of UII just yet. Some of the most iconic details of a Mosin are flat out missing entirely.


Hello ,

Discussing is good, but dont be rude or salty. That kill debate.
I will not respond to all comments, too many for me ^^
I ve fixed the mesh, add details and redone some parts. Looks, and as usual comments ( and like if you liked)
Just one things … @ComradeThelisia: Your last comments is a bit harsh ( a bit but that already enough ). I ve proved that generaly i took comments as a benefit. But your’s (last) is absolutly not.

Really man ? The last screenshot actualy look like a 3.0 Mosin ? Just look twice :
Im not here to defend my work, but honestly your comments is unfair.

New pics, hope you guy will like :



I was not commenting on you, sorry. I was responding to Sakura,
And this mosin looks much better now. But yeah the “Right now you just add a couple things to the gun without changing anything else” was directed at Sakura.


you should try working on a revolver. one of my favorite types guns.


Oh … i didnt understand :sweat_smile: U should use @ , so there will be no more Misunderstanding
By the way, Thanks for clarify.

@TophatPesky Next work after mosin will be the krysproll … krzyziz … hmmmm KRYZKAREK ( really impronouncable ). Bad a PVP but good vs zombie. And i like the guns itself. So next works when i finished mosin.


Kryzkarek, isn’t that the PM pistol?




I think this will be the first pistol model someone has made?


hhmmm really i dont know


im pretty sure there was a gun remodel post. And i believe it was a desert eagle. i’m not sure though


Hello there ,

I ve finished the mosin ( aka scholfield ).
Here PIcs:

As you can see the polycount is low for this one ( 747 tris isnt a lot ).
Next work well be the Kryzkarek, for tonight. It will be quick, as this guns isnt really complex. But really a love it ( even if it s bad at pvp ). My plan is to modelise all the weapons of the “rangers” family. And as said earlier, my goal is to see this guns into the game, preferably official and not as mods. I will send priv message to nelson to discuss of this “possibility”.



Looks great good
Can you send a pic from an ADS (aiming down sights) perspective?
I’d love to see that.


You could also do weapons that ain’t on 3.x like a Thales F90 .


Just waiting for the dust to settle down to point this out:

The Mosin rifle has no vanilla depiction in 3.x, but instead it was on 2.x where the Mosen existed, and it was a bolt action rifle totally different from the featured Schofield (despite they both used the same ammo in these previous versions of the game), which would be probably a depiction of a bolt action Springfield rifle, or maybe a french equivalent as it was on PEI, Canada.

EDIT: there was no Schofield in 2.x; the Mosen from that version just mutated into the actually known as Schofield.

But still, having in mind the name and the locations where it’s found, it can’t be a depiction of the IRL Mosin.


@OtterAlpha Got discord?


And btw, @OtterAlpha and @Sakura very good work with the models. Just be patient, pay attention to details, keep up the polishing and don’t get too annoyed/rushed by gun nutz.


Haha im a gun nut, Thank you so much. And im actually also waiting for some updates by nelson that includes the guns so i can get a better look to what the new style or the real style is. And im also working on a 4.x pistol right now, coming out soon in a post.