Custom 4.0 Rangers Guns 3D Model [WIP]


Btw @AtomSplinter it was confirmed that the schofield was based off a mosin.


Then it doesn’t make that much sense, lol.

Plz Gawd Nulsun Fix.


Yeah, The schofiled looks so shit and it doesn’t even look like a mosin besides it being thin


I was wondering, would you be up to make a model for Tradition’s Crackshot, a 22. cal break action rifle ?
Or an M24, you could definitely pull these off!

This is the Crackshot rifle

This is the M24.


Hello there,

Thanks you all for yours comments

@Nightwolf_Starlight : for your eye only :wink:
@THEMAX94120 et @darkySp I will look, but as said for now i will do all “rangers” ( or soviet ) weapons. Next will be shotgun and then sniper. The two picture remind of sporshot, even if its not ^^
@Sakura : no, its for communicate ??

Here the pics of the kryzkarek. approx 800 tris, so for a pistol its average.

Here is the sight of the schofield :



Wtf no no no xddddddd


Omg yes yes yes x3333333


way too detailed for 4.x’s style


purrrfectly detailed for 4.x
3.x peestols are total bricks

Because the game have low budget, resulting in 3.x bricky style, it doesn’t have to mean that 4.x must follow that bricky style. Yes, it can be blocky (moar-or-less, but definitely less blocky in case of weapon models), but it don’t need to be conservatism “low-detail/zero-detail level”.

What are you afraid of? That your PC will not handle low-poly? Or that you will not recognize weapons that enemies are carrying (although moar detailed models will be moar recognizable)?
Or are you just such conservative guy? No offense, just curious what drives your will to copy weapons from 3.x into 4.x.


It’s just that some people want to keep 3.x’s artstyle, thus simplicity.

The gun has the level of detail perfectly fitting for UII IMO. Very detailed yet still keeping its “blockyness”.


Some people acts like they don’t want UII just to keep 3.x’s style. They want UII to be 3.x.
3.x will added some gameplay features, but visually still total 3.x.
These models aren’t turning Unturned visually into CoD, Battlefield or GTA (not even San Andreas). They don’t need to look exactly like 3.x just with trigger guard as the only one righterous detail that can be added.


Good, but needs certain improvements.


As you can see, the Makarov’s grip panels don’t wrap all the way around the frame, and there is also a noticeable bulge at the top where the panels snap into each other through the frame.

Certain areas also need to be smoothed out, especially the trigger and guard, the slide release slightly more recessed, and you definitely need both the textures on the grips, the distinctive star, and more cuts into the slide, otherwise it looks more like a CZ vz. 50 than a Makarov.



As for me it’s made enough for UII. Remeber, there are people that will find carvings on slide, safety switch and hammer’s existence along with modeled grip’s and slide’s shape as too detailed; that this isn’t a kosher Unturned style, that one from 3.x.


AFAIK the Kryzkarek resembles the PM pistol, not the Makarov.

Also, it doesn’t need to be a hyper-detailed ultra-HD-4k thing… You know?


Kryzkarek resembles PMm (Pistolet Makarova Modernizirovannyy - Modernised Makarov Pistol).
9-мм пистолет Макарова модернизированный ПММ

And this isn’t even “ultra-HD-4k thing”, you know?
This isn’t even GTA San Andreas style. It’s way too blocky to be in GTA:SA.
And don’t need to look exactly the same as 3.x.


I know that, you know?

It just seems that some people here wants such level of detail.


Oh, right. Sry.
btw. this Kryzkarek still looks way more like PMm instead of CZ-50, so it’s good.
Doesn’t look like CZ for me at all anyway.
Aaaaand, about PM. Well, this is actually PM. That game doesn’t have model of PMm:

About soviet stuff:

And, someone mentioned revolvers before :3

plus a real Schofield :3

(sht, i can’t make a plus symbol. every time i try, it turns into dot point)

btw. Determinator is in fact MTs225 - russian shotgun-revolver, not american like in-game description says.
Just like, mentioned earlier, Ekho is american M200 CheyTac Intervention, not russian.

btw. check this - side fed shotgun


The PM is the Makarov, you degenerate.

PM literally stands for “Pistolet Makarovka.”


You wanna talk about weird guns?



Hey, no need for insults comrade, we are all at least level 5 Gopniks.

I’m no gun nut, I don’t pretend to be one, but there are so many variations and clones of the Makarov it can be pretty easy to confuse them all.