Custom 4.0 Rangers Guns 3D Model [WIP]


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What ??

Some tease of an early work, take me 20min to do it
Guess what is it ^^

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Pivot the pelvis. He’s making it how you should hold a gun



ive made some adjustement on the Zubeknakov, and added a magazine. However its only a placeholder, to see what it look like complete.
Here are the pics :

I will now start working on the SVD dragonov. Do u guy think i should create an other topic to re-start or stay on this one ?


Id say just clean up the title of the post


Looks more like a VZ-58 than an AK.


be mindful that guns wouldn’t accurately replicate the real life counterpart just like all of unturned’s weapons.

There’s no ‘But it looks more like XXXXX’ or whatever knock off gun you can think of


i think you should just strech it out a bit. it looks a little squished


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In which direction ? From the front ?

And here is some work on the SVD ( Unturned names is unpronounceable ). About 2h on it, but it lack detail on the left side. As always, the proportion are not accurate if you compare to the real SVD. Its a mix between Unturned and reallity ( longer than 3.0 guns but shorter than real life SVD ) The polycount is high for this one (1300 tris actually ), espacially when you think that I ve not put all the detail on it yet ^^.It will Probably go over 1450 tris.

Tell me what you think about it !

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Ye. Stretch the barrel and handgard like 2 inches. Also for your svd. (But more).


Well, still seems a bit short, but looks a way much, much, much better than 3.x SVD.
IMHO would looks better if you would make handguard 1,25x longer, out-of-handguard part of barrel 2,25-2,5x longer and flash supressor 1,5x longer than actual.
If not, then just barrel 2x longer.
Don’t need to do any lenght changes in AK rifle.
btw. I love that handguard’s shape.


I think you should lower your AK mag’s curvature a tad, right now it looks kinda like a circle arc


He definitely means forward, across the length of the AK.
I think it’s the X axis for you use the same axis for all your models (Since your FAMAS model’s length was along the X axis)

Welp, i didn’t see his reply, but at least i’m right/


For the AK i will definitely make it a bit longer, but for the SVD i though this will too much if i strech it, when you see 4.0 gun they dont seem to be so long.
Maybe im wrong However
Here some pics of the AK strech out :

(magazine has been tweaked also as sirba sugest )
Aslo ive added some details on the SVD, and longer the barrel and stock :

comments as usual !


Just a post to show you the gun with some color on it.


The barrel should be seen through those holes.


at first i thought thatguy had liked his own post, but it was ghj, your pfps are too similar!


that’s racist towards canadians


All SVDs have a cheekrest, I think you should probably toss that in.



Will the swallowtail scope mount exist as integrate part of model or will it be just a scope attachment?


I think attaching a scope should automatically equip the scope mount.