Custom Animations Not Working

So i had this annoying bug that has been haunting me since i reinstalled Windows on my PC way back in the early December 2019. For some reason, my custom animations seems to not work and is stuck with the default fists animations. And also vanilla animations from the unitypackage works fine.

This is my Animations setup:

Does anyone had this problem like mine too? I don’t want to use the vanilla Maplestrike animations because it looks awkward.

Which blender version do you use?

everybody gangsta till someone starts spitting out bullets

I used 2.79a.

Is there someone else you can show us regarding the custom animations, rather than just the Unity import? What Unity version are you using?

The custom animations uses heavily modified vanilla animations. I grabbed it from the All_animations_blends.unitypackage file by downgrading the game to 2017.4. . I used Unity 2018.4.9f1. Why? Because my gun’s texture used bump maps.


Make sure you’re exporting as ASCII FBX 6.1, armatures only.

I did exported it as 6.1. Before all of this happened, I just exported the blend files straight to Unity and it works just fine. Anyways, both methods doesn’t seems to work now.

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