Custom Backgrounds

You know when you boot up your Unturned 3.0 and always see the camera phase in on your character in a barn and its always the same except when theres a holiday. So my idea is for Unturned 2 that you should be able to customise it make a new custom background for booting up your game even making them adjust to the festivals for example when its about to be halloween you can make a different save that will be switched over when halloween is.


Ima put hentai


Some nice little interactive features would be cool too. Lets say you hover your mouse over the books on the shelf, they shake. Or maybe you drag your mouse up and down the tractor wheel and it spins. Loads of possibilities.

Didnt think about that but thats a good thing as well.

Maybe, since the Unturned menu was a 3D render, we can have a special kind of map type in the editor that will eventually be added, this editor will be specifically for making title screens, and you could be able to share your own on the workshop.


Perfection at last.

I imagine this as you could make a custom background through a tool where you can change the camera movements, player position and the objects itself as you prefer, and then put it in the workshop, so other people can try your custom menu background too.


I’m sad. when i did post the same thing i don’t even remember people reacting to it, like at all. anyways although it’s a really nice touch and a good idea (not on the forum) edit: i also saw a post where it was suggested the players itself could move around in the menu

Loading screens could also be custom and have mini games or something like them

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