Custom map content in seperate workshop bundle for server required?

A user asked me to separate my map specific custom content for Lakehead Region v 1.0.2 in bundle on its own because his multiplayer server isn’t including the content from the map bundle directly.

Before I go and do this, is this a known issue with custom maps/content on multiplayer servers?

Does all custom content (resources, animals, objects, NPCs, etc) for a workshop map need to be offered up separately - with dependency linked for it to port to a server multiplayer set up?

If so how does one do this cleanly.

My preliminary google search for this issue generated no results, so I’m skeptical of it’s necessity.

It is not necessary. When they said…

…are you sure they didn’t mean that they didn’t want the map, just the custom content (objects/animals/resources/etc.) so they could use it for their own projects without requiring people to download your entire map too?

From the Steam Workshop comments:

Blockquote[NDK] Husky 7 hours ago
Make the Bundles folder a seperate mod, in multiplayer it doesnt load, there are no fruit trees or modded animals in my server

I read this as he wants to play this map on a server, but my bundled custom objects are not appearing in the map for players. Funny he didn’t mention the missing toilets from house bathrooms.

Also those trees are resources (not objects) and the animals are well… animals.

Just set up server - copied files as per the guide I found - trees appear in map, so I don’t believe anything is required as a separate package.

A bit irrelevant, but that guide is outdated. You shouldn’t manually copy in any files, as they should instead be downloaded via the WorkshopDownloadIDs.json so they’re automatically updated.

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