Custom mesh skins

Recently browsed workshop and decided to vote for some skins. Turns out Nelson isn’t accepting custom mesh skins anymore. What would be the reason for that? I could see him not accepting, say, Maplestrike skins at all, as we clearly have way too many.

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iirc it was to avoid confusion over what weapons people were using
i.e. maplestrike skin that makes it look like a new weapon which might make players think its a new vanilla weapon when it isnt

Most custom mesh skins are faithful to vanilla proportions already. Forgive my harshness, but maybe it’s Nelson’s own fault for accepting skins like RULA Maplestrike, for example. I think that there is no problem with custom mesh skins, as long as there is some sort of (unspoken?) rule to keep vanilla proportions and similarity to original mesh, e.g. not to make Maplestrike look like Eaglefire and vice-versa.

Originally, the main issue was that custom mesh skins just take a disproportionate amount of time/maintenance to implement compared to other cosmetics/skins.

I’m unsure how much has changed between 2018 and now in that regard, but their acceptance has mostly been limited to curated maps (e.g., RULA Maplestrike)

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Good hearing a semi official response. It’s such a shame this is the case however, there are many talented people in the community that don’t make maps and I would love to buy more custom mesh skins. While I get the viewpoint, there’s definitely a middle ground where guns have enough clarity to see what they are but still different enough to be a custom mesh. So many cool skins out there (and more money to be made). I do hope he adds more within reason