Custom notes


How do i make custom note? i tried to make it but it didnt “spawn” but i can see it in editor. I dont know what main problem is it or im making wrong ids, too long texts or that i cant see Note1.unity3d.dat file


Can you please upload screenshots of the folder hierarchy, the .dat file, and the Unity set-up for the note (assuming you’re using a custom object)?

Based on the information provided, it looks like you’ve named a file (or several files) incorrectly, as seen here:

If the custom object you’re using is called Note1, then the .dat file should be Note1.dat and the folder should be called Note1.

When making a troubleshooting post, please provide relevant information that people can use to help you more efficiently, as it is not easy to help otherwise.


Probably because your note’s GUID is the same as the one you’ve copied. That’s why it didn’t work.

Try going to this website. Generated a new GUID (without hyphens). Replace it, and that should work.

Or you can just delete your GUID. Whatever floats your boat.


The GUID automatically generates so that it’s unique. Having an external tool do it doesn’t ensure it’s unique.


The chances of it being “not unique” is relatively low.

But again. Better safe than sorry.


Yeah sorry it wont happen again by the way there is screenshotAnnotation%202019-01-28%20145136


Are you still having problems?