Customizing the Eaglefire [Attachment System mega-post]

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Nothing in this post is official.
Nothing in this post should hint towards future content. Nothing in this post is representative of This is not an official post attempting to get official feedback on official ideas. Nothing in here is an “official suggestion” or “official idea”.

Sorry for the 7-month necropost… I asked Molt (staff) & the OP (Molt) for permission to have it unlocked and put on a timer again so that I can post a reply that I already had ready upon requesting an unlock, and even if the reopening was denied would have still been suitable to have gone into an alternative or new thread. Thanks for understanding!

Welcome to the Attachment System mega-post Expansion – Customizing the Snowfox. Consider it free DLC for the SDG Forum topic war games!

Snowfox” will be used in the post in reference to the 7.62x51mm Firing Range Gun (FRG). It is not the official name.

Consider the Following

The original post set up the basic ideas of how we could design the attachment system. Now, we’re going to expand this idea to long rifles.

  1. Should multiple different long rifles be able to use the same singular chassis?
  2. Do we need to nerf prone snipers?
  3. Can “less” attachments be “more” desirable?

Snowfox Receiver

This post assumes that there is only one receiver per gun – meaning that all Arctic Warfare (AW) variants and derivatives are fair game for inspiration on this post.

For this post, we analyze the Snowfox as if it could be broken up into several parts. These parts are:

  • Receiver: the actual base gun part
  • Chassis: carries the bulk of the changes to the Snowfox
  • Barrels: most relevant to the shooting aspect

The current implementation of the Snowfox has a permanently-affixed Picatinny upper rail. We will ignore this in favor of it having a Dovetail rail.

Snowfox Chassis

To answer the first consideration – “Not in this post.” This post assumes that each long rifle has its own unique chassis to choose from.

This is because the silhouette of a long rifle depends much more on the chassis than anything else, and the reduced customization options compared to rifles like the Eaglefire mean that there’s a much more consistent way they’re assumed to perform.

And speaking of silhouettes – although there are a variety of chassis options, all chassis examples I’ve chosen will have thumbhole grips (rather than pistol grips). This is to keep the silhouette easily recognizable.

Classic Series

Based on the original, classic AW design. It is essentially the currently-implemented chassis for the Snowfox, if it was separated from the rest of the gun. Image was altered to remove the scope, barrel, and cheek pad. The cheek pad was specifically removed for continuity, but also in part due to this being the objectively “worst” chassis and wanting to differentiate it from “higher tiers”.

The Classic Series chassis is a simple yet rugged polymer and aluminum alloy frame.

No folding stock. Nothing special about it. An intentionally less-than-amazing chassis so that there can be a common drop for each essential part of the gun.

Tactical Series

Based on the AICS 2.0 chassis, with minor inspiration from the ATAICS Stage 2.0 chassis. Slightly modified visuals and color correction.

Simple in design like the Classic Series, but with a folding stock and adjustable butt pad (and cheek piece). Improvements that are essential to absorbing recoil, and compacting the design when necessary.

Picatinny rails on the forend, and an integral bipod adapter.

  • Letting different chassis offer different rails (especially rails different than from on the receiver) could allow for more interesting set-ups without always necessitating rail adaptors.

  • Additionally, having stuff like an integral bipod adapter act as a part of the rail/attachment system, you could more thoroughly limit the kinds of attachments usable by a weapon.

Elite Series

Based on an AXAICS chassis. Manually altered colors, and added a thumbhole grip. The original design actually has a pistol grip instead, but this helps to maintain the general silhouette of the Snowfox.

Ultra-high performance and unrivaled durability, with a folding stock and adjustable butt pad (and cheek piece), and KeyMod forend rails.

The chassis extends the length of the rifle considerably, making long barrels most suitable. Some barrels may be wide to fit through the forend rails, or there might not be enough clearance on shorter barrels to have a muzzle attachment affixed.

  • The forend rail system could also make zeroing the scope more difficult due to the additional height needed to avoid having the rails block sight.

Picatinny rail adaptors could be attachable to the KeyMod slots. The lightest of all chassis.

To answer the second consideration – “Maybe!” When prone, it can be difficult to easily reload. The original mega-post suggestion would have called for kicking up dust, but this suggestion is to just make reloading while prone slightly slower.

The chassis this Elite Series is based on has a cutout on the side that makes reloading while prone marginally easier.

Snowfox Barrels

We’re not going to discuss magazines or individual rail attachments, so this is the last major section.

Unlike with the chassis, barrels aren’t inherently essential the gun silhouette, so these examples are named more generically (without a specific gun or caliber mentioning).

Barrels have been suggested as a way to allow changing between calibers, but for the sake of the post we won’t touch on that. Instead, let’s look at the third consideration – “can ‘less’ […] be ‘more’”.

Standard Barrel

Simple, but effective. Easily affix a muzzle attachment to the end of the barrel component. Nothing fancy, but so many options on what to affix to the end!

Suppressed Long Barrel

A long barrel with an integral suppressor. Muzzle attachments cannot be attached, but why would you need to? Maintenance is easier, even if you’re stuck with a larger, less versatile, barrel.

The barrel alone is far more durable than any muzzle attachment would be, and so by giving up the ability to have muzzle attachments means nothing when upkeep is just required on one, sturdier part.

  • Even if guns didn’t have weight impacting them, you’d still have reasons to use less attachments just because of the “gimmicks” some offer (e.g., no muzzle attachments but has a unique integral muzzle anyways).

Nothing in this post is official.
Nothing in this post should hint towards future content. Nothing in this post is representative of This is not an official post attempting to get official feedback on official ideas. Nothing in here is an “official suggestion” or “official idea”.


Snowfox is a good name. I’d like to see different barrel lengths though, so I can make a…“pistol” similar to the Remington 700CP.

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The only thing that beats those “pistols” are “firearms”

The DX-12 Punisher Glock-styled double-barrel shotgun pistol would like to have a word with you.

Obviously compactness and draw speed and all that would be a benefit of players that do this, but what would you do to balance the damage output of high-powered rifle rounds coming out of a… “pistol”?

I’d alternatively ask “how would you keep pistols relevant?”, but I think that one would be explainable as just letting them getting modified more “properly”, or by letting them have stuff that makes them bigger (like how you could have barrels that let your sniper by smaller). For example – carbine/PDW conversion kits.


Massive muzzle flash, terrible recoil control.
And more awkward bolt animations, since you have to work it with your left hand or switch hands.

well, looks like I’m all set.


I’m calling the FBI.


For your overwhelmingly monstrous behavior, you have become vilified by the community.

was talking lgeal terms, no atshetics. Blocky and cyberpunk, probably arkward as fuck to gold since “lol angular grip”.
Shockwaves work fine tho, this won’t be much worse.

why would you ever put a grip on a break-action shotgun

The rule of cool, why else?

Amazing, I totally agree with the fluff content part. That to me is what makes the best games, things on the side you can invest your self into that just good additions to the game. If everything on here is in the game I believe U2 will get a whole lot of attention from people who may not be in the community or into survival games with all the gun attachment options…Also just got done reading the excursions thread and wow, if this game comes out with just a fraction of these ideas I am going to quit my job and never stop playing.

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Because have fun holding on to the action without one, let alone aiming the thing properly.
Anything more than 10 meters and you won’t be hitting much with most loads, plus I’d be inconvenient as fuck to reload.

Do keep in mind I am talking about the stock/grip, not some sort of under barrel attachment. (pic related)

In the case of the DX-12 that’d be stupid anyway since it very much seems to be made to be used one-handed. Now I personally have never seen break action doubles barrels with front grips, but if you don’t feel like holding onto the barrel or can’t for whatever reason I don’t really see why you could not add one.

A frontal grip on a break-action sounds like cursed image material.

Cursed gun images



Derail much?

Well, you’re not wrong.

On U4 trello I saw animals may be able to be tamed and used to ride or possible fight for you. If that is the case I would love to see the ability to craft a wagon and attach to a horse to be able to carry large loads. Maybe 1 horse for a tiny Gandalf style wagon or if your lucky to find 2 horses a larger wagon that could haul more weight.

Would be useful for early game before you get access to cars and want to transport goods, haul raid loot, or simply farm up.

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