Cutting, Piercing, and Other Bullets

Let’s be clear here: I am in no way gun/bullet expert, please do not take stuff here too seriously, etc.
Now, onto the “content”

With proliferation of body armor and tough protections from gun, we offer new options to reduce or negate armor. Be warned, piercing bullet does not expand or yaw well, so will deal small damage at best without armor in way. Also works well against wall!

  • Piercing bullet comes in several tiers.
    • Surplus bullet like M855. Poor penetrator, but better than nothing and wounds pretty well.
    • The home made bullet from copper, steel, etc. Poor penetrator, but can penetrate low quality armor plate more reliably. Also good at hunting large animal.
    • Military tungsten penetrator bullet. Reliably defeat civilian and police body armor. Somewhat effective against miltiary plate vest.
    • Special DU. Rare bullet for Special Forces, assassin, or for well off police. Penetrate even military armor and have incendiary effect behind it. When penetraitng plate or wall, spray shower of sparks. Can ignite enemy or at least cause burn.
  • Note that piercing bullet will make barrel break faster. Hard bullet is damaging to rifling and barrel!
    Hollowpoint bullets are used for civilian or police against common criminal. Hitting target, it mushrooms, making bigger hole. Deal more damage and kill faster. Be warned, bullet cannot penetrate armor well and often stops in wall!
    • Normal JSP civil self defence bullet, one case one dollar, very cheap and common, deals good damage, but impairs armor penetrate.
    • Something more expensive, JHP or the like, less common but deadiler and decreases armor penetrate more.
    • Hollowpoint, reduces penetration heavily but can deal much more damage to flesh. Usually found pretty easily, and almost always will be police dept issue.
  • Special, something not normal. Thing like Airfoil Bullet of Cyclone or Paralight VBR. Handgun caliber bullet able to cut up soft armor vest easy and files farther, shoots flatter. Disgustingly useless against hard armor and wall however. Or exploding bullet, causes big internal damage and is going to destroy armor fast, but penetration is low.

Thoughts, comments, bait, bullet pics, crap I didn’t cover, hate mail?


Proper ballistics when?
Can’t wait to load P+++ in my Ace and blow my wrists to hell and face off.


…Grains, is that you?
for reference, he’s the guy who’s trying to load up bullets incredibly hot in one discord. Like, we’re talking 4200fps+ out of bloody 5.56 or 7.62 iirc? not entirely great on the memory front…

You mess anything up and I’m gonna give you a hard time about that, buddy.

I wish I could say /s but I am actually kind of serious, don’t fuck up man.

I’m having an aneurysm reading this

Definitely not a poor penetrator but ok

Probably not good at hunting large animals if it’s a poor penetrator, no?

Caliber/designation? Sounds vaguely like 7.62x51mm NATO (or maybe even 7.62x39 Soviet Intermediate) but I could be wrong.

Not sure what you mean by “well off police”
This sounds like something that would fit into a larger caliber, however be used in a semi-automatic albeit hard-hitting rifle like the Dragunov.
Probably not to be fired quickly within a short period of time, sounds like it could overheat easily so…

That doesn’t exactly make sense, calibers that pierce material better don’t necessarily wear down a firearm more compared to a standard usage caliber for a rifle, per se.
I see kind of where you’re going with this and it would technically work with high-caliber rifles but probably not weapons like the Maplestrike that are more “ordinary”.

It stops in the wall because nobody wallbangs with hollow-point rounds

If you’re thinking of a “case”, which is typically 75-100 rounds per, then they’re definitely not one dollar each. A box, however, might be.

None of these ammunition types have much of a difference in penetration, because hollow point rounds usually go for controlled penetration because over-penetration could cause collateral damage. JHP actually expands faster, decreasing chances of over-penetration.

Again, these 3 don’t have that much of a difference in penetration, and HP is essentially a less “coated” JHP (and also is composed of a single metal, in contrast to JHP’s coating of two metals typically being copper and lead.) with arguably a bit more accuracy.

Airfoil projectiles are non-penetrative and sometimes used for riot control in the case of the M234 RCL.

M234 RCL also produces a large (4-5 ft) tear gas cloud upon impact

Paralight is literally just an armor-piercing round in a handgun caliber, It will work against hard armor but won’t be effective enough to be reliable in most scenarios.


Unturned has proper ballistics already. Regular military mag, and tracer mag.

Okay, I like a lot of these ideas but they should be relegated to mods or come later down the line. It’s primarily because game optimization needs to be the #1 Priority for Nelson. I don’t want Unturned II to be a pile of spaghetti code. A lot of the cool shit can come later down the line.

M855 in the scale of things is a decent penetrator barrier wise, but compared to M995… Nah.
Also, this is a general tier list. This would have tungsten 5.56, 7.62, etc, Depleted Uranium 5.56, 7.62, .50 BMG, etc.
It’s notable that some West Coast PD has access to Swiss P AP for some reason.
I’ve heard a lot about AP rounds due to hardness wearing out rifling more quickly, and relatively consistently. It’s nothing much, but it will become apparent that you go through barrels quicker.
Airfoils are used as lethal ammunition, such as the Cyclone, which saws through soft armor… And flesh. The .45 ACP version defeats around 70 layers of kevlar iirc.

Fuck, I was thinking of the ring airfoil grenades, my bad.

I agree, But there shouldn’t be so much variety so it could still be played by a more casual player and not need an expert to play the game.

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To be honest, most of the ammunition types are pretty straightforward.
You have the classic armor piercing and standard rounds, hollow point for more minor armor piercing with surprisingly better accuracy, incendiary rounds for committing arson on living beings, tracer rounds for seeing where the hell you shot after accidently hitting LMB when you pulled out your Maplestrike, and that’s basically about it I guess.

My suggestion is to make from Unturned as realistic as a real life Nelson, first of all we gamers need a path tracing system, secondly you can add realistic bullet physics with it consequences, for example when i shoot someone he blacks out even if he has a plate carrier because his bones will just break, thirdly i would like to see the most realistic physics of land vehicles, with suspension, realistic fuel consumption, and that’s not all, i also want to see a full virus system which will work exatly as in real life, you character will cough if its a flu, and so on.

This is how most of the suggestions at this forum look like.

Path tracing is standard for basically any game that looks decent, unless it has some other form of rendering. Hell, U4 even supports ray tracing, which is better than path tracing. I think Nelson made a tweet at one point when he got an RTX card from the cool guys at Nvidia and showed 2 screenshots taken with RTX enabled.

Nobody said anything even relatively similar to this, what do you mean?

Surprisingly not that hard to do, but with U4 it might take a while. There’s tons of other games that have very realistic vehicle physics as well.

  1. Nobody ever said “exactly” like real life
  2. Coughing is very likely a symptom of the deadzone virus thingy because you breathe it in to get infected. I’m gonna assume that it’s some form of respiratory infection, since one gasmask is all it takes to stop you from dying. So it makes sense that you’d cough.

None of these are bad suggestions except #2 and parts of #4, so yeah.

Number two I’d like to disagree with. That’s Hollywood bullshit through and through. Hard body armor will basically nosell impact within it’s rating.