Czechia Devlog #2

Hello, survivors! :wave:

Today is another devlog on the development of the Czechia Remake.
This devlog will rather consist of pictures, as well as one question that you will help me with in answering.
I would like to say that my assistants and I raised the quality of objects and items.

New items have also been added.

The object helicopters (May to add like useable vehicles)

Czech Guns (The names are not real, fictitious)

Military vests (craftic system with vest components)

So, a question for you viewers.

I would like you to help me with your ideas on what to add to the map. As well as ideas related to lore. Because, to be honest, I have not thought it out from the word at all.

Thanks for watching, bye everyone! :czech_republic:


Nice. Also, czech’em

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I have an idea for the lore. So, after Germany fell to the Turned, Czechia has caught wind of the situation and decided to wall off it’s borders and prevent people from entering, but for gameplay reasons, the Turned breached the walls and started infecting the Czech Border Patrol (or whatever they are called.), and then the infection spread like wildfire. You are lucky to not have been infected by the Turned and must now survive in what was once your homeland. You are free to modify my suggestion.

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This is really good idea! Thanks for help!

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I love this a lot!

What I miss in the game is the pve experience. I would love to see some exploration-worthy parts of the map

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Thanks for idea, I will try to make the gameplay more PVE

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this could be better in my opinion

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Better what?

Nice :slight_smile:
Gun models look good so far, though the ELO2A looks a little off, can’t quite put my finger on why, sorry.

primarily I think that the art styles between the vehicles, guns and vests clash a bit, I overall like the models but in my opinion they look a bit out of place in unturned. (to clarify I think the guns fit the most)

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These are pretty good maybe you should add some BB guns or something

Yeah it’s okay. Thanks for feedback!

Thanks for idea, I’ll try

I understand what you mean. The problem is that the vests were not created by me, but by another creator of Czechia. In any case, other special forces vests look much better than military ones.

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don’t do this anymore please


Kuwait did a slavic country better imo :cold_face:


Will there be a Velvet Revolution DLC?

Yeah, sure :joy:

Wanna cry ? :grimacing: